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Tips for Starting a Photo Booth Business

Tips for Starting a Photo Booth Business

So, you’re interested enough in starting your own photo booth business to have begun researching it online, but you’re still not sure about embarking on that journey. Maybe you have some ideas in your head about what it could be like owning your own photo booth, renting it out to a whole bunch of events per month, and making a lot of money on the side, or even as a full-time enterprise!

Let us help you out by giving you a general run-down of things to know for this kind of venture. We hope that, by the end of it, you’ve learned a lot more about being in the photo booth rental business and are much closer to making up your mind about getting started.

It Will Take Investments

First of all, nothing great in life is easy. You knew that. Photo booths aren’t cheap, and it may take you a good number of years even to save up for a photo booth with a high-quality camera and accompanying technology such as a printer. These products can easily range from $2,000 to $9,000 and beyond.

The flip side of this is that you get what you pay for. If you’re looking to buy a photo booth, particularly a quality-made one that you know will last a long time, we recommend HootBooth. The company sells photo booths with both DSLR and iPad technology. Both types offer high-resolution photography with the range of digital extras your customers will be looking for, including the technology to create GIFs, green-screen backgrounds, and slow-motion video. What we’re trying to say is: you’re getting quite a bit for your money, so keep that in mind as you mull over the initial costs of your photo booth rental business.

Don’t Forget the Other Expenses

Now imagine you’ve finally saved up enough to buy your very own photo booth. Congratulations! You’ve overcome one of the principal hurdles of your journey. But do keep in mind that your expenses don’t stop here.

If you plan on printing photos then and there for your customers, you’ll need enough paper and ink, which doesn’t run cheap. Another incidental expense of renting out your photo booth for events is gas money. You may decide it is worth your time to travel quite a distance for an event, so be prepared to shell out to keep your vehicle fueled up. And since we’re talking about traveling, you should also consider a transport case for your photo booth. HootBooth carries these padded cases for keeping your booth safe over long distances.

The bottom line is that your additional expenses include more than just your time, so you may want to think about this when setting your fee per photo booth rental.

Market Yourself

Advertising your services as a photo booth rental business is going to be one of the keys to succeeding. Everyone just starting down this road probably envisions making a decent living working multiple events per week, and that may well become the reality for you. But it won’t happen without marketing.

To become an in-demand photo booth business, you have to be two things: good at your job, and an effective marketer. Since most people are likely going to search for photo booth rental businesses online, you should have a website built for you and optimize it for SEO.

Using applications such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console can show you the keywords people are using when searching for photo booth rentals in your area. SEO involves harnessing those keywords for your business to bring in more website traffic and, ultimately, booth reservations and income. And don’t forget about social media! Having a social presence can really boost awareness of your brand online.

We hope these points have encouraged you to think more deeply about kicking off your photo booth rental business! Sure, it isn’t exactly easy to get started, but try to see the challenge as exciting rather than scary!

Boil the endeavor down into three steps: but a photo booth, charge an appropriate fee for your time and expenses, and market yourself like crazy. HootBooth photo booths can help with the first step, but it will be up to you to do the rest. Good luck!

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