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Coloring Black and White Photo at Home



Black and white shots are a part of our history and culture. We gently store old photographs of our parents and grandparents. They have a special atmosphere and, given that monochrome is a trend these days, look stylish. But what about trying to colorize historical pictures to refresh them? The technology of our century allows doing this without much effort!

History of Color Photos

Long before the advent of digital photography and color film, masters manually colorized black and white photographs. In the 19th-20th centuries, artists painted photos, printed on paper, with brushes, spray guns, using watercolor, oil paints, colored pencils, and pastels. Later, photographers began using the daguerreotype technique – a photographic process based on the use of a photosensitive silver-plated copper plate.

In 1935, Eastman Kodak began manufacturing a Kodachrome color photo film. Today, the colorization of photographs is carried out using graphic editors.

Colorize Photo in Photoshop

It must be said that the button “color photo” doesn’t exist. You can discolor a photo with one click, but you can’t colorize it with the same action, because a monochrome photo doesn’t contain the color date.

To color the image in Photoshop, you can download additional plugins that will simplify the process a little. But this isn’t necessary because the program already has everything you need for this. There are several techniques for special image editing, but all of them require certain skills or a desire to learn.

All methods involve manual coloring, so don’t expect to finish the job in 10 minutes. Create layers for each object or group of elements united by one color. Using the Brush Tool, colorize your photo layer. If you know how to work with Photoshop settings, you will save yourself from having to repaint some details by replacing their color with another.

The process seems simple and even fun, but it’s not. The first problem you will encounter is the selection of colors. It’s okay if your colorized photo looks unnatural. Next time, don’t take bright colors; choose muted shades. Make sure the objects look harmonious.

Photo Coloring App

If you aren’t one of those who are willing to spend several days editing one picture, use the photo coloring application Upload a black and white image and get its color copy in a few minutes. All pictures are edited by professionals manually. The result looks natural as if the photo was taken with a modern camera.

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What to Pack On Your Next Vacay – 7 Cool Travel Accessories You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without




Are you heading for a trip soon but don’t know what to pack? Whether you’re going on a short trip or traveling internationally, the right travel accessories will make your trip a breeze.

If you’re going on a vacation and plan to lounge by the pool, an e-reader will help you can catch up on your summer reading. Maybe you plan to stay active during your trip, and a smartwatch will help you stay in top shape.

Before you start packing, check out this list of 7 cool travel accessories you should bring on your next trip.

1. Camera Gear

Traveling is about making memories and capturing them forever. A good camera, a few lenses, and a tripod are your best travel buddies. If you plan to take adventure photos and videos or underwater footage, consider getting a GoPro that you can take anywhere with you.

For the most incredible bird-view shots, invest in cool travel gear like a drone that’s small enough to fit in your carry-on.

2. Universal Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter is a must-have if you travel internationally. Modern adapters come with USB and Type-C ports, and built-in short-circuit and surge protection.

In addition to the adapter, pack a power bank so you can charge all your electronics wherever you are.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re traveling to rest and relax or to have an adventure, consider investing in noise-canceling headphones. You can wear them on the plane when you want to get quality sleep, in coffee shops while you work, or hotel rooms if outside noises are too loud.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are becoming popular travel accessories for both adventurers and vacationers. These gadgets charge via USB, don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage, and can play music even while floating in the water.

5. Travel-Size Iron and Steamer

No matter how big your suitcase is, your clothes will always be wrinkled when you unpack. Instead of relying on hotel irons or dragging your own from home, get a travel-size iron/steamer that you can fit in your carry-on.

This iron will come in especially handy if you’re on a luxury Southern Caribbean cruise with a Celebrity and want to look polished for dinners and parties.

6. Kindle Reader

Kindle readers are hip travel accessories if you want to read on the plane or the beach but don’t want to drag heavy books with you.

The battery lasts for two weeks, and you can download hundreds of books, magazines, music, and TV shows. Some versions are also waterproof, so you can even read at the beach or in the pool.

7. Smartwatch

Smartwatches are tech gadgets that pack quite a punch of travel apps ranging from booking accommodation to finding transportation. They can also play music, make phone calls, measure your health levels, and serve as contactless credit cards.

Take These Cool Travel Accessories on Your Next Trip!

Whether you’re going for a crazy adventure or you’ll be lounging on sandy beaches, it’s time to start packing!

These cool travel accessories will make your trip easier, more comfortable, and more convenient.

Want more tech tips? Check out some of our other articles on the newest gadgets and software.

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What technology is needed when traversing the antarctic?




The Antarctic represents perhaps some of the harshest terrain on planet earth and yet scientists, explorers and wealthy tourists still visit the region in their droves every year because it has just so much to offer from a scientific and an aesthetic perspective. People have been exploring the Antarctic for hundreds of years, of course, but where it was once an expedition with a cataclysmic mortality rate, modern technology has made the journey significantly safer and more manageable.

So, what is this technology? And if your interest has been piqued, how much of it would you really need to use to safely traverse the world’s most fascinating white desert?

GPS – Whilst in the rest of the world it might be enough to simply have your mobile phone on your person whilst you’re logged into Google Maps, the harsh environment of the Antarctic means something a little more durable and extensive is necessary if you really want to know where you are at all times. Take not only one dedicated GPS but a spare one too, as well as lots of spare batteries, a decimated compass and an altimeter watch so you’re aware of  your current altitude.

Camera – Again, your camera phone probably isn’t going to cut it when you’re staring down the face of freezing temperatures and perpetual blizzards. To document your journey, make sure you opt for a camera that has been specifically designed to withstand punishing weather.

Components – When it comes to RS Components for your various gizmos, you need to stick with parts that are able to operate in harsh environments. With the Antarctic temperatures below freezing by their very nature, ensure your components are all built to withstand the cold. Linear voltage regulators are particularly excellent in harsh environments.

Emergency equipment – This will include everything from walkie-talkies to communicate with your colleagues or friends (nobody does the Antarctic alone) to ‘smart’ first aid kits that can help to diagnose your ailments, because there is all manner of ailments that can and will occur in the Antarctic.

Also, remember to wear plenty of sunscreen! It might not feel like it, but the ozone layer is at its thinnest n this region and you’ll get plenty of glare from the ice and snow. Otherwise, your Antarctic kit list is all common sense really – warm clothing, dressing in layers  and making sure all footwear is waterproof. And don\t forget your sunglasses either! Take this into account and make sure your equipment is 100% operational before you depart and you’ll probably end up enjoying the adventure of a lifetime!

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First-timers Business Travel Guide to the USA.




The first question to pop-up in your mind if you are a first-time business traveler to the USA is how and where do you go around? Lucky for you because we’re here to answer exactly that question!

Traveling to the USA can be both thrilling and exhausting experience, so we want to make sure that we find a mean for travelers that is both enjoyable and convenient for them.
  1. Travel and Packing Suggestions: Business trips are can get you flustered, and come always come with extremely high expectations on what can be done to justify the cost. Approaching it thoughtfully to make them less stressful and more impactful is vital and thus here are a few suggestions:

Ease your packing process. A week or two right before the trip, it’s extremely essential to list down a set of things that need to be packed or purchased for your travel – your lip balm, lotion, towels- whatever you think you might end up forgetting since these are the basic miniature things that do end up being forgotten. Being comprehensive about the same is wise, so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Secondly, all your travel items should never have to leave the suitcase at all. Keeping extra emergency, chargers, compression socks and a kit pre-packed with toiletries, and all your health essentials should be packed and ready to go – always.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move to what a Business trip means. A business trip is nothing more but a visit to another country/state for work purposes. This visit takes you places other than your normal “office” – often places that require air travel to reach.

  1. Understanding the Economy: The USA is extremely advanced and developed in several aspects, which is home to the world’s largest economy. It is also accounted for as the most diverse and technologically developed. The mere size, diversity and entrepreneurial culture in the USA ensure there are several business opportunities. Some of the major trading partners include its neighbor Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, and Germany; and with the influence of several US multinational corporations in the global marketplace ensure a great influential hold on global business and trade and a currency that is the dominant reserve currency and the standard unit for many commodities.
  2. Visa Essentials: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers services to travelers, providing useful advice when traveling to the USA. You can navigate and find further information on entry requirements for the USA along with advice on local laws and customs, health considerations, and useful tips on how safety and security play an important role when making the travel. The addresses and contact details of the British Embassy in the USA.

Visa Waiver program countries nationals do not usually require visas for visits that are of short duration such as of fewer than 90 days. These countries include the UK, Germany, Italy, and France. With visa requirements that are subjected to change with changes that arise in requirements and rules.

  1. Correctly directing Business Meetings: Business outfits for initial meetings can be conservative, although several places have a casual tone for one or more days per week. Business meetings are required to be booked in advance. Punctuality plays an important role when it comes to meetings, your hosts may come across to you as brash and straight to the point when placed in comparison to more indirect styles used in several other countries. Honesty and professionalism are sought after and highly valued and with a long-hours culture do not be surprised if you are invited to a breakfast meeting which starts from 7 to 8 AM.

Business lunches are 99.9% of the time, work-related affairs and tend to always stick to work issues and discussions. It is important to make sure there is no offense in the diversity of the workplace and adherence to strict legislation on these issues. Business meetings are more often than not held over lunch, business dinners are usually conducted in restaurants rather than private residences to keep the professional touch to it. Business practices and protocols are carried and are similar to those found in most western countries.

  1. Safety First: The major amount of trips to the USA for both business visitors and tourists are likely to be pleasant and in every aspect, incident-free. It is crucial to always be careful and watchful of your surroundings and environment – where you are and what you’re doing. Be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas and also in public transport that is usually crowded as well and bag snatching, robberies, and car crimes are also concerns in certain areas. Seek local advice and assistance on areas to stay away from that can be more hazardous and dangerous to you in any way. Ensure that your valuables are not on public show. The hurricane season starting from June to October can affect a wide area of the states and it is important to listen to the advice of locals and not be caught out unprepared.

It is recommended that you check with your doctor for current and accurate advice on whether you require any form of travel vaccinations up to eight weeks right before you travel.

  1. USA Weather: The variant size and latitude of the USA only means that there are several regional weather ups and downs such as humid continental, arid, humid temperate, humid subtropical and tropical climates known to the country. Alaska has an arctic climate whilst Hawaii has a tropical climate.

As a traveler, you are bound to come across the two words Visa & ESTA. So are Visa is the same as ESTA? No, the most important difference between ESTA and visa is that an ESTA can be obtained through online forms and portals or websites that offer its services (Check ESTA Online), while the US tourist visa is a 100% be obtained through an embassy or consulate.

In conclusion, traveling to the USA as a first-timer can be a little tricky but with perfect and pre-handed planning, you can ensure that your business trip will be a success.

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