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Coloring Black and White Photo at Home

Coloring black and white photo at home

Black and white shots are a part of our history and culture. We gently store old photographs of our parents and grandparents. They have a special atmosphere and, given that monochrome is a trend these days, look stylish. But what about trying to colorize historical pictures to refresh them? The technology of our century allows doing this without much effort!

History of Color Photos

Long before the advent of digital photography and color film, masters manually colorized black and white photographs. In the 19th-20th centuries, artists painted photos, printed on paper, with brushes, spray guns, using watercolor, oil paints, colored pencils, and pastels. Later, photographers began using the daguerreotype technique – a photographic process based on the use of a photosensitive silver-plated copper plate.

In 1935, Eastman Kodak began manufacturing a Kodachrome color photo film. Today, the colorization of photographs is carried out using graphic editors.

Colorize Photo in Photoshop

It must be said that the button “color photo” doesn’t exist. You can discolor a photo with one click, but you can’t colorize it with the same action, because a monochrome photo doesn’t contain the color date.

To color the image in Photoshop, you can download additional plugins that will simplify the process a little. But this isn’t necessary because the program already has everything you need for this. There are several techniques for special image editing, but all of them require certain skills or a desire to learn. 

All methods involve manual coloring, so don’t expect to finish the job in 10 minutes. Create layers for each object or group of elements united by one color. Using the Brush Tool, colorize your photo layer. If you know how to work with Photoshop settings, you will save yourself from having to repaint some details by replacing their color with another.

The process seems simple and even fun, but it’s not. The first problem you will encounter is the selection of colors. It’s okay if your colorized photo looks unnatural. Next time, don’t take bright colors; choose muted shades. Make sure the objects look harmonious.

Photo Coloring App

If you aren’t one of those who are willing to spend several days editing one picture, use the photo coloring application https://retouchme.com/service/colorize-black-and-white-photos-app. Upload a black and white image and get its color copy in a few minutes. All pictures are edited by professionals manually. The result looks natural as if the photo was taken with a modern camera.

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