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Struggling with Local SEO in Dubai? Well Not Anymore! Thanks to These Great SEO Strategies


In just over a decade, Dubai has become one of the technologically advanced countries in the world. It has laid a strong footing in the digital world and is aiming to advance rapidly with the passage of time. 

There is so much happening in Dubai right now that one can’t explain it in mere words. However, if there is one thing for sure, most businesses in Dubai have gone from traditional to completely digital

Today in Dubai, almost every business is running a website. And much of their clients and customers come through these websites. Search engines like Google allow readers/viewers to search their queries; as a result, Google pulls up information from websites by relating keywords from the query. 

It provides the best results that closely matches the reader’s search term. 

Apparently, when it comes to online businesses, a relatively high competition exists in the UAE market. 

If you are a local business in Dubai searching for a quick and easy way to get your local SEO done! Here are some great strategies that can help you build up your local presence in the market of Google. 

Research Local Keywords

Firstly, if you are aiming to rank your business in a local market, you will have to search up some potential local keywords in your business niche. One way of doing so is to mix up your primary keyword with regional keywords for quick & easy ranking. 

For example, if you are running a coffee shop in Dubai and you want the local people to know about it, just use a combination of keywords such as a local coffee shop in Dubai or best coffee shop in Dubai. You can make as many combinations as you want and then optimize them in your website content. 

As we all know, competition has dramatically increased. Hence, instead of going for the most obvious keywords, you can always choose specific ones or long-tail key terms to help you with SEO. 

One of my friend running an SEO Agency Dubai emphasizes it in his SEO packages.

“No matter what your business is or where your target market lies, just make sure that you search up a list of existing key phrases and then create more of your own with the existing ones to go beyond”

The more unique you get with local search terms, easier it will be for the locals to find out about you. 

Create Local Business Profiles

Business profiling is essential. However, most businesses forget to localize their businesses. When they publish a business profile, they usually end up marketing their services or talking about brands. 

Don’t take it as a discouragement, but think about all the benefits you can get when people will know you as more of a local business. To achieve it, you will have to build some local business profiles. 

Start out by creating your profiles on local business listing sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, & Foursquare. Each platform will become an opportunity for viewers to get connected with your brand.  

Find as many local listing sites in Dubai as possible and get your business registered. You can even visit your city website and check if they are registering businesses. If they are, then register yourself.

Insert Local Keywords in Title Tags

A great strategy to get your business recognized in the local market is to optimize title tags with local search terms. A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a specific web page on Google. 

If you have done your research on local keyword search terms, then you can include them in your title tags for better ranking. For example, if you are running a web design agency business in Dubai, you can set your title tags as: 

“A Web Design Agency for Dubai Establishments” or “An Award-Winning Dubai Web Design Agency”

Above stated are just a few examples. It all depends on your creativity and what you desire to create. 

When you include a local keyword in your title tags, the search engine automatically gets notified that this particular website is based in a specific region. It will then more likely rank your business in relevant searches. 

We seldom do realize but Google favors geographic areas as well when it comes to searches. The chances of your Dubai brand coming up in front of Dubai people becomes greater with local search engine practices. It not only boosts your local brand image but also attracts good clients. 

Advertise/Promote a Loyalty Program

Another great way to make the best use of SEO in your online business is through running loyalty programs. Offer something of value to some of your interested customers who are willing to stay. 

Most of these loyal customers will be people who live in your city or nearby. You can run discount offers, coupons, advertisements and campaigns to specifically target these separate individuals. 

The more you attract these visitors, the chances of convincing them to make a purchase get higher. 

You can even talk to other local online services to help run ads and promotions on their platforms too. 

One way or the other, running loyalty programs, especially during cultural holidays offer great benefits. 

Lastly, Optimize Your Website to Attract Locals

What if your website can target local customers by creating personalized landing pages? Have you ever given it a thought? You can optimize your website by introducing local design elements. 

For example, Dubai is a city surrounded by deserts and one can easily find camels strolling around. A website page that reflects the bedouins roaming around on camels in a desert can create familiarity. 

Businesses offering familiarity to the locals grasp their attention more effectively than the ones don’t. Hence, if you are a business seeking opportunities to attract locals, the best way is to personalize site. 

Make them feel as if they are home when they visit your website. Offer them services by introducing a cultural element. In this way, they will never have to think twice about going elsewhere 🙂 

They know it’s their own people and they know their businesses will be in the right hands. 

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