How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019

The world and especially the tech world are changing very fast and for a marketer, he must be dynamic enough to cope with the changes. In digital marketing also the trends are changing. With more and more sites and blogs coming up every day, it is really becoming tough for...
instagram marketing

Tips to get more followers on Instagram in 2019

With its user engagement rates sometimes surpassing the ones of Facebook by the staggering 5800 %, and roughly 80% of its close-to-a-billion users following a business account, Instagram is a goldmine of opportunities. However, taking advantage of it is easier said than done, and building a loyal following takes time...

Is it Hard to Advertise a Barbershop?

With increasing self-care concerns and more and more people engaging themselves in activities that help them in present themselves better, hairstyles are at the epicenter of this trend. New hairstyles are seen in the fashion industry every day, and while some don’t last longer than the time Katy Perry finishes...
business plan

Use These 6 Strategies to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Whether you are just about to start an online store or you have been swimming in e-commerce waters for a long time, increasing sales is probably your ultimate goal. But unfortunately, growth isn’t always guaranteed. Businesses, like everything else in life, have ups and downs. Even industry giants likeTarget experience...

3 ways to promote and monetize your blog

Many people decide to display their expertise and share their knowledge with the world by blogging. Most of the times, blogging is not about monetization at all. It’s simply a medium where people can share their passion and exchange experience. However, if you are truly passionate about a certain area,...

Cyprus Top Startups That You Should Know

Although Cyprus is popularly known as “the island of love” due to its beauty and preference by love birds, it still has another side. Business startups have been doing well because of the effort from the government. If you did not know, Cyprus is one of the countries in the...
assortment planning

Why Digital Assortment Planning is Key To Retail Success

A few centuries ago, shopping and retail environment were totally different. Back then assortment planning was not that much complex. By every passing day, we are seeing innovation in almost everything. Same happened with the retailing department as well. Today it’s an era of e-commerce and people are now more...

10 Tips on How To Start And Promote Your Blog

Nowadays, youth wants to learn modern and perspective professions in order to earn well, become popular, and get new opportunities. Blogging is considered to be quite an interesting and popular activity among young people. What is a blog? Why is it so popular today? How to promote a blog? A...
CMO event guide

The CMO’s Guide To Generating Booth Event Leads

Tradeshow events can be a pain for the exhibitor if you don’t plan things well. For any trade show, there are three phases, pre-show, at the show, and post-show. Gathering tradeshow event leads, thus, requires great effort. You need to plan beforehand and then execute it properly to get results....

5 Crucial eCommerce Optimization Guide Tactics

Is you store performing well? Unless you can turn every visitor into a customer, there is always room for improvement with your eCommerce website. If you know what to change, then you should get started with sales optimization. In case you don’t know here are some crucial eCommerce solutions to...
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