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Secure Email You Should Pin: 3 Reliable Services

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Regardless of the issue, emailing is an emerging tool of communication and less popular than messengers; these reliable services are crucial for online functioning. Thus, we need a reliable email when signing up for all existing services and transmit big data amounts via the web. Surely, the bulk of contemporary and free mailboxes are suitable for average users who don’t struggle for privacy. At the same privacy-conscious public should explore encrypted and confidential alternatives to mainstream mails. When choosing a secure email, you stay away from sudden data leakage and loss of assets and sensitive files.  

How to determine the best mailbox? Well, the choice is increasing so that you are to stay in the loop of IT newcomers. This brief overview presents a fair summary of 3 proven and new email – delve into the features!

TOP-3 from Experts – Secure Email 

#1 – Utopia

reliable services utopia

Utopia is not a standard mailbox service you might use every day. uMail is just a piece of the encrypted ecosystem mixing the messenger, web browsing tool, crypto wallet, and mining bot. The entire ecosystem, as well as the mailbox, is protected most robustly and safely. Namely, the algorithm consists of the Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES – up-to-date and proven technologies. The information flow is P2P, which signifies uMail and built-in don’t save the information on a data warehouse. 

The email is released from cyber attacks and annoying ads. But you should bear in mind that you can reach only those mailboxes that are registered across the environment – extra services can’t be reached. 

uMail is likewise easy-to-use, in combination with safety improvements. Therefore, you can plan Templates for emails you use systematically, which speeds up mailing for the working environment. This feature makes communication powerful and beneficial. Also, you can activate the Hybrid regime in the settings to run different instruments in one window – chats, letters, wallet operations, etc. Eventually, this email’s benefits are:

  • Advanced encryption;
  • Decentralization;
  • Confidentiality;
  • The elimination of ads, tracking. 

The opt-in Mining instrument rewards you automatically with local Crypton – every 15 minutes spent online are paid back! Benefit and stay protected with Utopia. 

#2 – CounterMail

countermail reliable services

Make use of CounterMail if the security of online data transfers is essential. The point is the email uses an advanced OpenPGP, and the correspondence is encrypted. The internal data storage only keeps encrypted letters. 

Furthermore, the servers located in Sweden never collect the data on hard data storage. The input is gathered on confidential CDs. The structure of CounterMail helps to overcome information leakage since reaching a server is what online fraudsters aim to. Therefore, the replacement of available data repository increases safety.

Also, CounterMail advises its clients to create a domestic USB warehouse to encrypt the input. The decryption code is kept on the device and is asked to confirm a user’s profile still. This means, even in the event your codes got mangled, criminals won’t be able to decode the mails’ content nevertheless. 

The mailbox is handy and easy-to-use. Users are free to can embed the mail into a browser they use daily on their computer. Additionally, the app for Apple devices is free to download. You can easily find letters owing to convenient filters placed in-app. Moreover, CounterMail is powered with a local director of passwords. The service never monitors a user’s IP. 

Remember, you can use the email free of charge for seven days period. Later, you are to subscribe for further use. Additionally, users can reach only those who have their email validated on CounterMail.

#3 – Hushmail

hushmail reliable services

Hushmail is a popular encrypted mailbox that started functioning at the beginning of the 2000s. The security is handled owing to a crack encryption structure. One crucial detail – the devs can’t view your data along with third-party intruders. You can communicate and transfer files both inside the platform or with users utilizing other than  Hushmail boxes. The methods of application are different. You can download Hushmail on your device or manage an encrypted mailbox on mobile – easy to use on IOS, Android, and other operating systems.

Moreover, the email offers various domains use. You can set up different for working purposes, personal communications, and one for various registrations. This function is handy since you can figure out notifications you’ll get to your other mailing accounts when getting a letter on Hushmail. Moreover, this email is implementing the electronic signature tool. Bear in mi; you are free to organize multiple email addresses on one domain. This feature helps to improve online confidentiality and privacy.

Hushmail mailbox is an excellent option for mass mailboxes. The encrypted and P2P service is not free. You can test it during the fortnight trial period, but the subscription is paid.  


Now you are well-read about conventional methods to preserve the data you transfer via emails. All the specified in this article mailing tools are certified, and P2P encoded. To uplift your web security, make use of VPNs, encrypted private chats, and leave social networks. Stay protected online! 

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