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How To Get Into Online Computer Gaming



Online gaming is a lot more complicated than it used to be decades ago, or even five years ago. In general, all types of gaming have moved online: mobile, console, and computer gaming. Instead of buying physical video games, many gamers are opting to pay for subscription services so they have access to a wider selection of games. Additionally, since most games are stored in the cloud now, many games can be accessed from anywhere that you are, making them more portable than ever before.

online computer gaming
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But if you’re new to online computer gaming, it can be intimidating at first. There’s a lot more to it than console or mobile gaming, where you typically just need to download a game. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Getting Started: Equipment

The equipment you need all depends on what type of online gaming you want to do. For casino gaming like poker, bingo, and slots, you should be able to use either a laptop or desktop computer. Most sites list the computer specs/requirements you’ll need to play, so if you want to get a computer specifically for gaming, check the requirements before making a purchase.

For more heavy-duty gaming — or even if you just want to ensure that you’ll have the best experience possible — you’ll want to invest in a desktop computer designed specifically for gaming. Gaming laptops are a lot better now too, but if you don’t want to deal with any lag or other potential issues, stick with a desktop. Regardless, when choosing a computer the most important specs are the processor and RAM. You’ll definitely want to make sure you have as much RAM as possible, so if you can, opt for 16GB or more.

Additionally, if you plan to play for hours at a time, you might want to invest in a gaming keyboard and mouse and an ergonomic chair so that you’ll be much more comfortable. Serious gaming can take a huge toll on your neck and back so it’s best to take care of yourself!

online computer gaming
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Gaming Sites: What to Know

There are all types of online gaming sites. Some are free (but might require creating an account to access the games) and some are subscription services. For example, sites like Addicting Games have a huge selection of free sports, puzzle, and action games, among others. So it’s a good place to start if you’re a complete beginner to online gaming.

Other sites like Steam offer an incredible selection of video games, including VR games. There you’ll find a lot of action, adventure, multiplayer, racing, shooter, and strategy games. They also have a big selection of popular free-to-play games like Dota 2. Games are typically available for individual purchase, and they frequently have sales on titles.

If you’re more interested in casino gaming than multiplayer or shooter games, casino sites offer a wide variety of options, including new, exclusive, and themed games. There are even casino sites dedicated to variations of specific games, such as poker. For example, PokerStars has a huge selection of poker variants, including free poker for beginners who want to practice before playing for higher stakes. The same goes for sites with slots, roulette, blackjack, and many other popular casino games.

Do You Need a Subscription?

Many subscription services that were once only available for consoles are now available for PC. One option is PlayStation Now, which allows you access to more than 800 PlayStation games for a monthly fee. Game progress is stored in the cloud, so you can play on any compatible device.

Another subscription service is the Xbox Game Pass, which can be used on PC and Xbox. Unlike PlayStation Now, it only offers around 100 games. But look at the titles for both services and see which one interests you more.

There’s not much else to it. Once you’ve got the basics covered, you’re good to go. It’ll just take some time to get used to how all of the different games work. Start slow. Play free poker games until you get the hang of them. You can then work your way up to tournaments if desired. For multiplayer fighting games like Fortnite or League of Legends, read up on strategy before playing or take your time learning about the different worlds. In no time you’ll be comfortable and having fun!

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How to Win PUBG Domination Mode With Practical Tips, Tricks, and Strategies




Introduced in 2017, PUBG is a trendy online battle game for multiplayer. It is available in all operating systems, including Microsoft, Android, and iOS. The developers of PUBG bring out updated versions of the game, making it further exciting and thrilled. PUBG mobile domination mode is an updated version of the game, and the developers have designed it smartly with more PUBG cheats and hacks.

In this mode, you will come across two teams Red and Blue. Also, the maps will have three bases: A, B, and C. All the teams need to catch a particular base that will stay activated for a few minutes or hold it as long as you can without getting killed by your enemy.

The team which successfully holds the first two bases will be the winner of the game. This version of PUBG is a challenging one, and to be the last one standing, you need to know and follow a few strategies. Below are some of the techniques that will help you to win the game:

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Base A 

Base A has three entrances, and there is a massive statue in the center of the base. This statue helps in dividing the base into small alleyways. However, there is a single window in both the overlooking houses, which provides a larger shot of the opposite side to the players.

Attacking Strategy

While attacking the A base, there has to be at least one player who will enclose the high-ground of either Red or Black houses. On the other hand, another player will go behind the attacker from the left or the right corner.

Defending Strategy

While defending, get the Blackhouse corner to get a vivid view of both paths A and B. Stay alert! Keep your ears open and hear the footprints of the opponent. In such a situation, if you fail to find any route, you can choose to disappear in the shadow.

Base B

Base B is quite complicated as you will come across an open space with two actual entrances and some covers. Thus, hiding becomes slightly tricky here.

Attacking Strategy

If you want to strike from base B, you should slip the corner of the Red house entrance that will provide you a detailed view to hit the players.

Defending Strategy

Defending from base B demands getting a place that will wrap you from both the sites. However, it would help if you chose to move in pair.

Base C

Base C is the most adventurous one. Here, you will come across many corners where you can hide as well as attack.

Attacking Strategy

You will encounter a clear view of the main cover points through the entrance of Side A. However, do not rush and don’t end up climbing through the stairs.

Defending Strategy

Safeguarding yourself and your team here can be quite difficult. Getting hold of superweapons will be the best way to move forward in this base.

Apart from the strategies mentioned above, here are a few extra tips and tricks for you.

Get Into The Best Position

Your position plays a very significant role here. It would be best if you held the position that doesn’t fall in your enemies’ eyes.

 Teamwork is crucial to the game

This mode is only for the teams. Make sure to have proper communication among all the team members. Make a strategy together and work toward your goal. Remember, a coordinated team has a maximum possibility of winning the game.

Go For The Most Potent Weapon

This is a fundamental yet important rule to sustain in this game. All you should do is keep a powerful gun to attack your enemies as soon as possible.

Stay At Your Base, Do Not Move

Remember, killing enemies is not just your aim. You should also be able to hold your base. So, to succeed in this game, don’t chase your enemy all the time; instead, you can wait on your base and preserve it.

Acquiring The Base Should Be Your First Goal

Attacking in this game is relatively more challenging than defending. Hence, the most effective strategy to succeed in this game is to inhabit the base first.


The points mentioned above are possible strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you to win the PUBG mobile domination mode. Also, practice and experience will enhance your gaming skills too. For any related queries you may comment below and we will be happy to answer them. Also, stay connected if you want more information.

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How Technology is Changing Football




Technology has changed many of the things in our lives. We now do much of our shopping from our sofa, we can get a pizza delivered to our home from our smartphones, and carry the entire world’s music catalogue in our pockets. Work is much easier too since we can create and edit documents and share them with the world at the press of a button.

Sport hasn’t escaped the technical revolution either, every major competition from tennis to Formula 1 has been changed by advancements in technology. This has created new ways to officiate the competitions and allow fans to follow the sport more closely.

Football is another sport that has affected by technological drivers, sparking a trend that doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

Here are of the ways that technology is changing football.


Until the second half of the 20th century, watching a football game in the UK meant going to the stadium in person. But this all changed thanks to television, a piece of technology that has changed our lives far more than almost any other invention from the last 100 years.

Television has turned football into a multi-billion pound industry, with the English Premier League generating more than £1.5 billion each year just from domestic TV rights contracts.

Things are changing again though, with the EFL introducing a system known as iFollow. This “over-the-top” streaming service works in a similar way to Netflix of Amazon Prime Video, allowing fans to pay their club directly to get access to live streams of games. We’ve also seen this in other sports, with the NFL, Formula 1, and the NBA all having their own services.

These streaming services let fans watch games from anywhere, whether it be at home, work, or out and about. Meaning you can take football with you, no matter where you go. With the roll-out of 5G, video quality is also likely to improve on these services.


Until 1960, betting on football was mostly outlawed in the UK, though it was possible to play in “football pools”. After that, physical betting shops opened up, allowing fans to wager on their team ahead of each match.

However, things stepped up a gear with the advent of the internet, computers and smartphones. The latter made it possible to comfortably watch a game, either at the stadium, home, or elsewhere and bet on the game while it was being played.

It also meant that bettors could be better informed when making decisions on which team to back, thanks to football predictions that can be accessed from anywhere.

Today, betting has become a major part of the sport, particularly with fans that like to test their skills of predicting the outcome of several games with accumulator bets.


When football was first played in England, the sport didn’t have referees. Instead, both team captains were trusted to keep everyone in check. This worked fine until 1871 when two referees were introduced for FA Cup competitions to ensure fairness.

This system of refereeing (with a few tweaks over time) has worked great for more than 100 years, though there have always been difficult and controversial calls that have influenced games and tournaments. These were often caused by the ref or a linesman not getting a good view of what happened.

Today, technology is being used in the top tiers of many football leagues that can overcome this. It can be a little controversial as some fans believe it breaks up the flow of a game, but VAR and goal-line technology can provide more clarity on whether a foul has been committed or a goal scored.

These usually work with high-tech cameras that can be reviewed by experts to help the head referee make the right call.

As controversial as VAR is, it’s unlikely to go anywhere any time soon.


Despite being mostly out of view from fans, one of the biggest changes in recent years has been the use of technology in training. There’s all the high-tech medical equipment like heart rate monitors, oxygen saturation monitors and the like that are used to monitor physical fitness, but new devices are able to improve the technical elements of the sport.

During training sessions, players can be fitted with small GPS trackers that feed data back to a central computer or tablet that can display the position of each player. This can be used by the coaches and manager to improve formations and set plays.

High-speed cameras are also used to monitor and improve technique for penalties, corners, headers, and throw-ins. They allow players to review their own body positioning and movement so they can see for themselves what changes they need to make.

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What We Need in TES: VI




The Elder Scroll series is well-known to gamers as it is arguably the most loved RPG series of all time. It has enjoyed a rich history of games, spanning back to the nineties. In fact, it is hard to think of a more popular series than The Elder Scrolls when it comes to an immersive, open-world RPG. There is a reason why The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a place on the bestselling games of all-time list, such is the quality of the game. However, veterans of the game will know that it is not without its faults, as nothing is ever perfect.

While Skyrim proved to be a game that defined a generation and revolutionised the RPG genre, it still had its issues that annoyed many who played it. Though these were masked by the pure fun that people ended up having with the game, they are still problems that need addressing before the newest instalment comes out. However, when it comes to identifying and fixing problems in video games, Bethesda, the creators, and developers of The Elder Scrolls, are notoriously bad at doing this. In fact, there are many issues still present in the game that existed at launch. It is clear that Bethesda will need to improve on this reputation if they hope The Elder Scrolls VI to be the game that players are expecting it to be.

When it comes to TES, the series simply provides a feeling that no other open-world game manages to match. Everybody loves GTA V as it is an open-world that gives players a massive amount of freedom. They can even go to an in-game casino, though players who want the real thing can upgrade and play at to win real money. All Bethesda needs to do is continue giving players this unique feeling that characterises TES while improving upon the problems that already exist.

Better Voice Acting – While the quality of the voice actors cannot be denied, it will soon become evident to new players that Bethesda hired very few voice actors to fulfil the roles of all of Skyrim’s NPCs. While there is only one voice actor for some unique NPCs, players will find that the same voice is shared by different NPCs across the world, at the cost of immersion.

Better Combat – Skyrim had very simple combat compared to other TES games and other RPGs in general. This was intentional as it appealed to a mainstream audience but adding in a more complex combat system for the newest game will add more depth to the game and make it more enjoyable to play.

More Content – Anyone who has used mods will know that Skyrim is barebones compared to having a lengthy list of mods installed. A game that has the kind of content that a modded Skyrim has would be one that would go down as one of the best of all time. Considering that Skyrim came out in 2011, Bethesda certainly has the time to do exactly this.

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