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How to Download MineCraft Pocket Edition on Android 9

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If you are one of those that have gotten hooked on playing Minecraft on your computer, you might have thought about installing the Android version on your tablet or smartphone. While there is a free, limited version for the PC, the mobile version, Minecraft PE, will set you back $6.99 but we’ve got an easy way for you to install it on your Android device.

What is Minecraft PE ?

If you haven’t played this game before, you might be surprised, given its huge popularity, at just how simple the game is.  With nothing more than old-style retro blocky graphics, Minecraft PE is an addictive game of survival, a virtual sandbox game where you start with nothing and build up your own world.

Exploring your surroundings, one block at a time, you can gather resources to build your house with, to create weaponry and armor and you can raise your own food. The one thing you do have to watch out for are the monsters that roam the world, monsters that want to take everything you have – and that may include other players too! It is an exciting game, and once you start playing, you might just find time slipping away from you.

Game Features

With Minecraft PE, users are treated to plenty of great features:

  • An addictive game of survival
  • Explore your surroundings to find precious gems and resources
  • Build, expand and protect your home
  • Battle against monsters
  • Raise animals and grow crops
  • Create weapons, armor, furniture, building materials and more
  • Play one of three game mode – Survival, Adventure, or Creative
  • Lots of in-app customizations and upgrade
  • Play alone or play with other players
  • Loads of other great features

How to Download Minecraft PE

Now you’ll want to know how you can download this, without having to go via the official Android store and paying for the app. It’s really simple – all you need is a third-party app store called ACMarket. This is the very best competition that the official store has, an unofficial app store filled with top apps and loads of modified games.

  1. Open your Android settings app and go to General
  2. Enable Unknown Sources – if you don’t do this, the app cannot be installed on your device
  3. Now tap the link to find the instructions to install ACMarket on your Android device
  4. Once you have done that, tap the new app icon on your home screen to open the installer
  5. Type Minecraft PE into the search bar
  6. Tap the app name and the app page opens – tap on Install
  7. Wait until Minecraft PE has been installed ad then you can play it – you should see the app icon on your home screen or in Apps

Is ACMarket Safe?

Yes, it is. The developers have taken their time over developing this app installer for your enjoyment, and the last thing they want to do is cause any problems. They have thoroughly tested the installer before releasing it, and our tests also showed nothing of any concern. While they do update the app regularly to keep it safe, on occasion, a rogue app may slip through. The best way for you to ensure that your device is protected is to have reputable anti-virus software on it as well.

ACMarket Stopped Working

This is one of the most common errors with the installer and is one of the simplest to resolve.

Method 1: Reset Your App Preferences

  1. Open your Android Settings and tap Apps ( App Manager )
  2. Tap on All Apps and select Reset App Preferences from the menu
  3. Tap Reset Now and close settings
  4. ACMarket should work

If not, try the next method:

Method 2: Clear Package Installer Cache and Data

  1. Open Settings > Apps ( App Manager )
  2. Tap on System Apps
  3. Tap Package Installer
  4. Tap Clear Data and then Clear Cache ( These options are in Storage for Marshmallow users )
  5. Close settings, ACMarket should now work okay

If it still doesn’t work, there is one more thing to try:

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

ACMarket is not an official app and cant be downloaded from any official source. Because of that, the only way to get it onto your device is to enable the unknown sources option. If you did not do this before you tried to install the app, do it now:

  1. Open Android Settings
  2. Tap Security and enable Unknown Sources – tap the button beside it to turn it on
  3. Close Settings; if ACMarket doesn’t work, delete it
  4. Reinstall it, ensuring that Unknown Sources is still enabled

ACMarket is the only viable alternative to the PlayStore for Android users, and Minecraft PE is definitely one of the most downloaded apps. Try it today; its completely free and ACMarket could end up being your new go-to Android app store.

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