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There is really no way to know how many games are out there. Naturally, if we are to refer to online gaming, the word “game” defines a large number of apps created with the sole purpose of offering entertainment and creating a sense of competition.

From Shooters to MMORPGs and MOBAs, there is an entire array of genres we can try out, but sometimes, as much as we like a game, the competition can be overwhelming for our abilities. Luckily, there are games that even people who are not good at gaming can play and even win. How does that sound?

Now, without further ado, here are the genres you’ll definitely play after you’ve seen this list:


Although slots are part of the gambling industry, they’re games nevertheless. It is true that you need money to pay them, but so you need for the other pay-to-play games. Comparing the two, when spinning the reels of a slot, you have the chance to win back even more than what you invested, rather than purchasing a game you don’t know if it’s worth the money.

Now, if we managed to stir up your curiosity even for a bit, find out that these games can be played on the dedicated websites called online casinos and some of them can even be enjoyed in VR. Also, most of the gambling platforms offer special bonuses, so sometimes, you’ll get your money doubled right from the start with welcome deals and first deposit bonuses.

PvE Games

PvE is an abbreviation for Player versus Environment and it is highly recommended for those who’re looking for a softcore adventure without the (sometimes toxic) competitiveness between the players. This mode is only encountered in role-playing video games and it places the player against a multitude of monsters with the purpose of either fighting them or taming them.

If you’re searching for games with dedicated PvE servers, you can check out Black Desert, Ark Survival or Unturned.


Outside activities are looking fun only when you’re on the other side of the window? If you have no intention of sweating even one bit or you want to try that particular something without going out, Simulators could be exactly the types of games you need. Living up to their name, they simulate certain situations or activities, in the first person, to make you feel like you’re the one working hard. When looking for such a game, just write in the search bar the name of the activity followed by the word simulator and you’ll find exactly want you wanted.  

Table Games

Yes, it’s gambling again! But some of these games are truly amazing and don’t deserve to be cataloged just as being part of the gambling industry. Take for example the fortune wheel, a highly appreciated game that has at the center a huge wheel that spins, or Dragon Tiger where 2 cards are placed face down and the player has to guess which number is higher. And like these two, you’ll find the Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat just as entertaining. We’d say Poker too, but it has been proven to be 20%  about skill and 80% about pure luck. So in this case, you decide if 80% is enough.


Just as the name is suggesting, Casual games are dedicated to those who want something easy and not time-consuming. They can be either puzzle, life simulators, Otome, or any other games you can interrupt at any time and continue later when you feel like it. Although they can usually be found on app stores for mobile platforms, there are some that can be played on a computer too such as Life is Strange.

There could be other types of games that fit these requirements, but these 5 are the main types you should be looking for if you just want a pinch of fun in your life. They are great for any type of player and they’re so enjoyable, those who play them forget they’re just games.

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