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Five Reasons why User Generated Content Rocks!

user generated content

If you work in the marketing field or you are trying to break into it, then I am pretty sure you know how difficult it is to get and keep people’s attention. Every day people are constantly bombarded with ads, making it hard to stand out from other businesses and services. That’s why a lot of companies are starting to allow user generated content on their websites and in their marketing campaigns because it has been proven to be more effective than traditional marketing efforts. Here are a few more great reasons why you should allow user generated content on your website.

1. It is a free promotion!

Being a marketer is hard. Even if you aren’t a professional marketer, you still need to have some marketing skills in order to sell a service or product. People often market their services or products on shoestring budgets, so if you can get people to review your stuff and post them on your website, you are getting free promotion and exposure. Don’t forget to thank the reviewer for posting.

2. People will think your brand is more trustworthy.

People feel more comfortable buying a product if they see that other people have bought it. That’s why so many people read reviews before purchasing anything. They want to make sure what they are buying is worth the money, but also to make sure they are buying a valuable product. Yes, you can have a fantastic commercial, amazing looking ads, and even a large marketing budget, but at the end of the day, winning people’s trust comes with reviews from real people.

3. It makes people feel more in touch with your business.

user generated content
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People love to be heard, and they also love to feel part of something. Allowing your fans to submit content to your brand or to be showcased on your website using your product will not only make people feel special and included in your business, but it will double your promotion since the people you showcase will also promote you to their friends, family, and social media accounts. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

4. User generated content is more effective than traditional ads.

We look at ads every day on our computers and smartphones. A lot of people block out ads or quickly click away from them when they see them. Since there are so many ads, you are competing with a lot of other businesses for small spaces on website pages. Having your past customers’ record videos of themselves showcasing your product and services to their fans will lower your chances of people clicking away from the video or finding it intrusive.  You can further protect your brand by using a profanity filter on the content generated by your customers.

5. It’s social media proof!

user generated content
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One of the best ways to promote your brand or business is to post links and pictures to your social media accounts. You can also have fans, and customers of yours do this. It is cheap, quick, and even fun! 

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