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How to Boost Conversion Rates With Campaign Specific Microsites


You already know that your business has to have a strong online presence in order to build its brand identity and achieve its sales goals. But did you also know that you can further promote your brand in its marketing campaigns and increase user engagement by using an additional online platform that your business owns? These are known as microsites and they’re quickly becoming all the rage in the online marketing industry.

Learn more about the concept of microsites and see how you can use them in connection with your campaigns to get a higher conversion rate for your brand.

What is a Microsite?

A microsite is essentially another place on the web for your business to publish content and gain exposure for and engagement with its brand. However, the difference between a microsite and other online platforms for brandable content is that a microsite has its own URL address. Basically, it is a newly registered domain name that is separate from that of your company website. Setuping up a microsite has the potential to increase your traffic, and by extension, your conversion ratio, as we’ll discuss later on.

Types of Microsites

Although all microsites share the common theme of being defined as such, because they have their own domain name separate from their parent company’s main website, there are several different types of microsites. Some are created specifically for a certain product or event and are short-lived, while others are designed with the intent of having them be long-lasting as a resource for consumers.

Campaign Specific Microsites

Microsites for campaigns are launched with the sole purpose of hosting or acting as support for a marketing campaign that a company is currently running. You work to create the perfect content, then publish it for users to both review and engage with your campaign online. You can think of it as a type of “set it and forget it” method.

An example of a campaign-based microsite is pizza chain Mellow Mushroom’s Burger BFF site. The Burger BFF site comes in conjunction with Mellow Mushroom’s launch of two new hamburger options on their menu. The brand is able to use this microsite to gain exposure for its campaign and to allow its customers to have fun while they engage with the content. Plus, it drives people to go to Mellow Mushroom to see what all the hype is about, thereby resulting in a boosted rate of conversion.

Continual Microsites

Microsites that are not tied to a specific campaign play more of an ongoing media site role. They can function as a blog or vlog, just from a URL different than that belonging to your brand’s primary website.

An example of this would be Dads Divorce, run by Cordell & Cordell, P.C., which offers itself as a resource to dads going through a divorce with its articles and podcasts. The microsite functions as its own entity, but ties back to (and is run by) the Cordell & Cordell brand. It allows the law firm to run a continuous stream of content related to one particular topic and to further engage its audience online and lead people to hire the law firm.

How Can A Microsite Specific To A Campaign Boost A Brand’s Conversions?

When used properly, microsites can be a significantly valuable form of content marketing to connect Web users to your brand’s campaign. This carries a strong potential to boost conversion rates as a result. They allow your brand to not only publish relevant, high-quality content but also to do so on another piece of owned media in order to further establish itself and its identity.

In particular, there are three key benefits that microsites can yield for your marketing efforts:

  • Improves SEO
  • Narrowed focus
  • Building your brand identity

Improves SEO

Better online exposure for your brand contributes to better SEO. By creating a microsite for your brand’s campaign, you are giving it more exposure across the Web. This gives users and search engines alike more chances to come across it and see what all it has to offer.

Your microsite for your campaign can also include the keywords and phrases that are utilized by your brand in its primary website, giving you more chances to appear at the top of SERPs for searchers to be able to find you and learn more.

Narrowed Focus

With a microsite crafted for campaign purposes, your brand can really dig deep with the content that it publishes. Rather than having everything relevant to your brand’s campaign and what it is setting out to accomplish all together on one site, you can segment a particular category or topic to be featured on a microsite. That way, you can provide users with valuable, in-depth content that they can use as a resource and/or a source of entertainment.

This is especially important if your target audience is mostly composed of streakers. These types of Internet users typically know exactly what they’re looking for online. If they don’t find it almost immediately, they go somewhere else. Streakers who visit your primary domain may not be willing to wade through dozens of product pages to find what they want. If there’s a microsite devoted to the products or services streakers want, they’ll be much more liable to use your business.

Builds Brand Identity

A microsite provides yet another opportunity for you to create content that associates with your brand and, in turn, helps form, its identity. By using a microsite as part of your content marketing efforts for your campaign, you are able to promote your brand as an authority in your industry. You also prove that you prioritize user engagement, giving your users what they are interested in and can make immediate use of.

Consider creating and using a microsite to contribute to your brand’s online presence. It is a proven marketing method that, if executed properly, can really unleash its power to build awareness for your brand and boost your conversion rates.

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