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Data Center Proxies for Market Research

Market Research

The days when businesses have to collect data manually are long gone. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost all companies in our fast-paced world had gone online. As a result of this shift, competition has become brutal.

Collecting and analyzing data has become a challenge because every business is on a high alert to protect their sites from corporate scrapers. However, you can collect data by using proxies

Data Center Proxies: Proxy Servers Defined 

Today, a majority of web traffic is non-human. This shows how bots are often used to gain a competitive edge to access more data. For productive market research, you have to use proxies. Many businesses today use proxies to collect extensive data quantities within just a short time. 

A proxy is an intermediary server between the internet and your device. When using a proxy server, your requests will go through the proxy, it will change your device’s IP address, before connecting to the destination page on the internet. When accessing the internet via the proxy, the server will process every request you send – the server then will handle the request on behalf of your device. Once the proxy has collected the response from the destination site, it will pass it back to your device. This way, your original IP address isn’t exposed, and you get a high level of anonymity. 

Proxy Types


Data Center Proxies 

So, what are data center proxies? If you would like to learn more about data center proxies – this blog article from Oxylabs is just for you.

Data center proxies are the most common proxy types available. These proxies help a user to mask their IP address – they are independent of both the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and an internet connection. These servers are associated with the data center or corporation offering the proxy. Therefore, by using data center proxies, you can conceal your online identity.

Residential Proxies 

Residential Proxies
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Residential proxies usually have an IP address connected to a real location. These proxy types can never be banned because they can be traced to an actual home address and ISP. They also provide a high level of anonymity every time you browse the internet. 

What Are Data Center Proxies: Data Center Proxies for Market Research

Data collection, especially for purposes of market research, has become the norm. You have no reason not to participate in this intelligence game. You can carry out market research in different ways, but the most effective way is to use a data extraction tool together with the right proxies. How then can you use proxies for market research? 

With the availability of data extraction tools and proxies, market research has taken a new turn. Data collection for purposes of market research can be challenging, especially if the targeted websites have secured their sites against IP addresses originating from corporates and their competitors. Proxies come in handy to assist and make it easy. Proxies will hide your business’ IP address. This way, your requests will be executed via valid IP addresses. 

With the use of proxies, you can also research your target audience via social media. A good number of social media users share their likes, interests, opinions, hobbies, etc. Once you have obtained this data, you can use it to launch a strategy that will perfectly fit your target audience. You can also target customer reviews, identify the gaps and mistakes, and adjust according to the needs of the consumers

Choose The Right Proxies for Market Research 

What proxies can do in terms of data collection is unmatched. Note: you have to get the right and secure proxies for your scraping needs. Look out for the right provider, and you can rest assured that your data collection will be hassle-free.

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