How to Recover Your SEO Ranking?

seo ranking

When someone searches for a keyword or phrase on Google, 71% people click through on the first page of Google search and 33% people focus on the top results. This explains the importance of making sure that you rank highly in search engines to give your website the best chance. Putting in a conscious effort to focus on boosting your SEO ranking can potentially give a much required boom to your business that may have been lacking. 

Here are some ways that can help recover your SEO ranking – 

Improve Page Loading Speed

A one-second delay in load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%. With the digital landscape becoming extremely competitive, this percentage can demarcate as a make or break factor, especially if your ranking depended on it.

Even if you have great content, no-one will be able to see it if the website is too slow. The abandonment rate will increase and people move on to a competitor’s website rather than hanging around,waiting for it to finish loading.

Boost Pages With Backlinks

With 93% of Internet experiences starting with a search engine,it is highly pertinent to perform well. With the focus towards quality over quantity and organic searches has made ranking high in SEO highly complicated. But Backlinks still remain an integral part of this ranking. 

Backlinks aka inbound links are incoming links to a page in another website. For an illustration, here is an image – 

baclinking for SEO Ranking

The word ‘backlink’ is actually a Backlink that links to another page which gives you information about increasing traffic to your website by backlinks.

All the major search engines, including Google, rely on using backlinks for two major purposes – 

  1. To discover new web pages through inbound links
  2. To help determine how high a page should rank in their results

Rather than focusing on just one type of backlink and making your website lose precious ground in the SEO market, customise to integrate multiple types and see how your website starts trending higher.

Focus on Publishing Relevant and High-Quality Content

Our mind is a fickle foe and can move on pretty easily to the next thing. If you feel that your SEO ranking is dipping, it is important to focus on publishing quality content regularly.  Google has reported 3234 changes to its search engine algorithm since its inception with the focus shifting towards quality over quantity.

To increase traffic to your website, give the visitor a reason to return. Content created specifically for niche audiences increases the site’s authority and relevance. Focus on increasing “dwell time” – amount of time spent on a website – by posting fresh and useful information regularly to keep the audience hooked.

This will eventually give a fresh pump to your SEO ranking.

Invest in Organic SEO Building

You can try doing everything on your own but it doesn’t hurt to take advice from a well seasoned professional. Rather than waste money on paid SEO promotion, focus on websites that provide organic SEO and link building services like ViralChilly. Having their tools at your disposal may increase your panache in the SEO market.

These trustworthy and authoritative websites can be the right call and just the tool you were looking for in improving your website’s SEO performance.

Have On-Going Campaigns Regularly

campaigns for SEO Ranking

The customers love campaigns as it keeps the momentum going and gives them an open channel to communicate. Consistent campaigns are a great way for them to witness the growth first hand and invest them deeper into your brand. Similarly, if emails are sent regularly, email marketing and open rates will increase with customers choosing relevant campaigns.

These campaigns boost your SEO performance and eventually help you improve your ranking and leave your competition behind.

Using the right techniques can help your website quickly recover its lost footing in the SEO market. With a well-planned strategy and realistically set goals, this is not difficult. Just make sure that you have your head in the game as it involves serious inputs of your precious time and multi-level interaction with various businesses. But if you are genuinely invested in this procedure, it will be worth your time and effort and your SEO ranking will assuredly be improved by following the above-mentioned ways.

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