What Are Whiteboard Videos & Why Does Your Business Need Them?

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Running a business is definitely not a piece of cake, especially in today’s technology driven world where you constantly need to adapt to new changes and exploit new opportunities in order to stay on top of your particular industry and not get lost in the crowd of your competitors. While some old-school methods of doing business and advertising might still be working, the simple truth is that you cannot rely solely on those. After all, the whole world is online these days and you need to adapt to those new circumstances and use them to your advantage.

How can you do that, though? Well, I am sure that you have heard of the term “digital marketing” already and I am quite certain that you already know about at least a few things that this term encompasses. Mind you, it is quite a huge term that encompasses so many things, which is why it’s probably impossible for you to be in the loop about all of those, especially if you aren’t that well-versed when it comes to the Internet and the different technologies.

In any case, you are at least aware of the fact that digital marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy and that it is essential for your business. So, even if you don’t really know what it consists of, and you should definitely learn more about that, the point is that you are aware of its importance, which automatically means that you are willing to take the necessary steps to boost your business’s online presence and thus lead it to success. That’s definitely highly significant, especially since there are still people who are unaware of the value and necessity of this type of marketing.

Luckily, you aren’t one of those unaware people, which you have also proved by stumbling upon this particular post in which we are going to talk about one specific marketing technique that you absolutely need to take advantage of in 2021 if you want your business to succeed. In case you couldn’t have guessed it, I am talking about whiteboard videos. I know that you might be a bit confused about what these actually are and why your business might need them in the first place, but be patient. Those are the exact questions that we are here to answer today, so keep on reading.

What Are Whiteboard Videos?

If you use your imagination, you can probably guess all by yourself what these videos actually are. Since I don’t want there to be any confusion about it, though, I’ll make this as clear as possible by explaining precisely what a whiteboard video is. You’ve probably seen quite a lot of these by now, even if you weren’t quite aware of what they were actually called, so it’s time to put the name to the face. Or, rather, to the video…

Basically, a whiteboard animation is a video during which static images are actually drawn and illustrated on the screen. Those illustrations are typically followed by a narration, giving the viewer both a visual and an auditory explanation of whatever it is that you are trying to promote and describe this way. So, instead of just giving your viewers an already drawn illustration of whatever it is that you are trying to convey, you are making them a part of the drawing process and thus keeping them completely engaged throughout the whole video.

Whiteboard animations have become a rather popular marketing strategy these days, not only because they are pretty easy to make, but also because they have proved to be quite effective. I am sure that the above explanation of what these actually are have made you remember that you’ve seen videos like these quite a few times and the very fact that you remember that only speaks in favor of this particular strategy. You were a viewer and you remembered what you were seeing. Now it’s time for you to become the creator of such a video and have other people remember it and thus remember your brand.

Why Do You Need It?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are now curious about why it is that you would actually need these kinds of videos in the first place, so let me get you familiar with a few reasons. For starters, people are nowadays far more likely to watch videos about certain products instead of reading about them. It’s just a much simpler and a quicker option and everyone is constantly trying to save time for one reason or another.

Additionally, some people might be more stimulated visually, while others respond better to auditory stimulation. Well, the beauty of these videos is that they have it both. For starters, there’s the process of drawing the images on the whiteboard, which definitely stimulates people visually and then there’s also the narrative that comes with it. Simply put, it’s the perfect way of engaging both of these senses, which will increase your chances of people actually remembering your product and your brand.

Here’s another significant benefit of using this particular marketing strategy. It is quite inexpensive and can be easily done. All you have to do is find yourself the perfect whiteboard animation software and you will be able to make these in no time. Don’t let that fool you, though – just because these are easy to make, it doesn’t mean that they are ineffective. In fact, their beauty lies precisely in the fact that you can invest a little and gain a lot, which is definitely one of the main goals of every single business.

If you are trying to decide whether whiteboard videos are the right strategy for you, here’s my input. They definitely are, as they’ve proved to be the perfect strategy for numerous businesses out there. So, do yourself a favor, find the most amazing whiteboard animation software for you and start promoting your products and engaging your audience in this rather fun and amusing way.

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