Working in Marketing? You Better Have a Lot of Hobbies


The word marketing gets thrown around a lot and many will claim to know how to do it. And since the industry has undergone so many changes over the last few years and seems to show no signs of stagnation, it’s becoming harder to define what really makes marketing these days. While seemingly easy to get into, or do on your own marketing done right is actually something that even the most successful companies can only hope to accomplish, even if rarely.

The thing is that these days there are multiple ways and mediums to do the marketing for whatever project you’re working on. With the rise of social media, many companies had to completely reevaluate their strategies and change the way they appeal to customers and promote their products. With the rise of affiliate marketing, additional changes were made to the way we see promotion and how to increase its effectiveness.

The world of marketing is constantly changing but now amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, the changes are happening much faster. We probably won’t see another big change, as we did with the emergence of social media, but the statement that marketing is an ever-changing game still rings true. OneTwoStream has understood this thing clearly and they have solutions for all your marketing needs. This is why only people with broad interests, with a bit of knack for everything, can actually do meaningful work in this direction. But amidst the outbreak, having hobbies will serve you well for other purposes.

Hobbies and Marketing go Hand in Hand

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The outbreak has really set the priorities straight and now only the very essential industries are working as per usual, leaving the rest of us wondering how long it will be till the workers in industries like marketing and entertainment are needed again. With so much free time on your hands, you might feel the urge to get back into your old hobbies, but I’m sure there are more than plenty of people who have none. While it’s hard to see this outbreak as anything another than a complete catastrophe, try to think of it as your gift of time to develop these hobbies. Because whether you know it or not your marketing job could benefit greatly from you having these hobbies. 

While the marketing mediums change, of course, those who have their interests spread across, including different technology that is used to promote products or communicate in general. Meanwhile catching up with these mediums is not the main problem, its finding interesting ways and themes to use for your job that is hard. And while many will tell you that creativity is a muscle you work out, it does not mean just sitting around thinking about creativity.

A lot of the time you will see that those who have a wide range of interests will find the interesting connections between the topics, which is honestly what makes or breaks a marketing strategy.

What we can Learn from the Gambling Industry About Marketing

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To grab someone’s attention in a way that appeals to them but does not overwhelm is a golden strategy, but at the same time it needs to stand out and not just be universal for anyone to relate to and in the worst-case scenario find your work boring or unactionable.

The industry that has learned the most in the marketing department will have to be gambling. While the topic is divisive, most venues that give platforms to the marketing are very strict about their measure and boundaries when it comes o gambling advertisement. Not only are they limited in their time frames but they also have to be very careful, if they are even allowed to promote their products, not to overstep the line.

This type of restriction would have most of the marketing companies stressed about the constraint, the industry managed to come out on top with affiliate marketing and their creative ways to handle their own product. But because their understanding of the gambling community and services was comprehensive enough and their knowledge about the new medium through which they could promote their product was also a great industry found away. You will see that a lot of gambling companies don’t just stick to the theme of cards they bring more personality to their games and services that incorporate different industries, different hobbies or aspects of your target demographic. This is why you will see that slot games for Canadians will sometimes have very Canadian themes including their favorite hockey or the cold weather. 

Meanwhile, if they are promoting a casino that caters to Norwegian citizens they will find some key traits of their target groups and try to incorporate them into the marketing strategy. But in order to do so, you need to know about these traits and then be familiar with them as well. You will do a much better job of incorporating hockey into your marketing strategy if you actually know what you’re talking about.

This is why having a lot of hobbies could really come in handy. Because really no other industry depends on appealing to different groups more than this one. And in order to understand them, you will need to at least have basic knowledge of a lot of different fields so you can not only think more creatively with more tools and knowledge at your disposal but so that you can better determine what type of approach would work the best for many different situations.

When you work in marketing you are expected to appeal to masses and understand what they as individuals would be more completed by. These days the way people identify themselves or define themselves is largely their hobby. This is a crucial part of every marketing strategy and if you want to achieve something big and successful in marketing you will have to acquaint yourself with a lot of different industries. 

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