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What are the Official Dragon Ball Games?



The coolest thing ever for a movie series lover may be taking the place of their favorite character on a video game. For fans of Akira Toriyama‘s dragon ball, this assumption can’t be more appreciated.

Wondering what the official dragon ball games are? Look through the list gathered with the help of our friends of Dragon Ball Z Figures.

1. Dragon Ball: Dragon’s Great Exploration

Launched in Japan in the year 1986 on September 27, Dragon Ball: Dragon’s Great Exploration was a forerunner of the dragon ball games, and was released by Epoch for the Super Cassette Vision.

In Dragon Ball: Dragon’s Great Exploration, players are portrayed as Goku as he rides on the Nimbus, firing his adversaries with Ki blasts, and using his Power Pole to aim at them.

2. Dragon Ball: Shenlong no Nazo or Dragon Ball: Le Secret du Dragon

Named “Dragon Ball: Shenlong no Nazo” in Japan and Dragon Ball: Le Secret du Dragon in Europe. This game came into being in 1986, with Tose being its developer while it was launched by Bandai for the Famicom (NES).

Players can see Goku in this game in a similar manner to the initial two volumes of the Dragon Ball manga.

It was named Dragon Power in the US. The melody and art of the game were adapted from the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, with zero references to Dragon Balls, unlike the Spanish, French and Japanese versions of the game, which utilized the typical melody and art from the Dragon Ball anime.

Moreover, the developer of the US version of this game modified Goku into an American-like Kung Fu. One can also observe related changes in Master Roshi, as he maintained the appearance of a conventional martial arts teacher.

Furthermore, the European version of Dragon Ball was launched in France in 1990 and later in Spain in 1993. The game maintains the Dragon Balls persona and license. However, it retains the exact censorship displayed in the American edition.

3. Dragon Ball: Great Demon King’s Revival

This video game was launched by Bandai for the Famicom in Japan in 1988 on the 12th of August.  The scene of the game is at Piccolo Daimao arc. In the history of video games, it was amongst the first few who featured a board game that involved the use of cards for wars. The war card games are a myriad of role trading cards, playing games and board games.

In Dragon Ball: Great Demon King’s Revival, players maneuver over a game board while meeting different characters on the way. The characters either combat with the player or assist in providing information. The result of every battle is based on the randomly produced hand of card adversary and players are given.

4. Dragon Ball 3: Goku’s Story 

Goku Story

Bandai launched this game in 1989 on October 27 in Japan for the Famicom. The entire Dragon Ball tale is narrated in the game before the battle against Piccolo.

Goku played the significant character here both as a youngster and adult. The game also featured Yamcha and Krillin as characters. There was a new version of the game in 2003 for the WonderSwan.

5. Dragon Ball Z: Fierce Attack

Dragon Ball Z: Fierce Attack, Saiyan was the foremost game to be launched for the Famicom in Japan in 1990, October 27 by Bandai.

The game consists of characters such as; Vegeta, Piccolo, Raditz, the two illusions Saiyans who warred against Yamcha, Nappa, Gohan, Tien, Krillin featured in the anime, and an original who changes into a Giant Ape.

6. Dragon Ball Z II: Frieza the Planet Destroyer!!

Bandai released this 1991 version in Japan on the 10th of August for the Famicom. The game played the same story of Namek and was overall similar to the story in the meta-series. However, Chaozu, Yamcha, and Tienshinhan were alive and attended the player’s festivity at the onset.

7. Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan 

7. Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan

This game is the first for the Super Famicom and blends two initial Famicom games, namely Dragon Ball Z: Kyôshū! Saiyan and Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Frieza. It was launched in Japan on January 25, 1992.

8. Dragon Ball Z III: Hot Battle! Artificial Humans

In 1992, August 7, this game was launched by Bandai in Japan for the Famicom system. It depicts the Android arc story to the point where Cell was first transformed.

9. Dragon Ball Z: Doragon Bōru Zetto Gekitō Tenkaichi Budōkai

Again, Bandei launched this enchanting video game for the Famicom in Japan in 1992, December 29.

The game featured the Datach Joint Rom System – as a result, the different character cards must be flipped to make your choice of a character. It also came with a unique card reader attachment.

10. Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story

This video game is the first of the Super Butōden series. It was launched on March 20, 1993, in Japan for the Super Famicom. While France and Spain had their release on November 30, 1993. Fans of Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story have the luxury of controlling any of the available 13 characters.

Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story chronicles the Piccolo Jr. arc to the finale of the Cell Games.

11. Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

This game was launched on August 6, 1993 for the Famicom system. It was designed as a card battle RPG. The randomly produced playing cards obtained by the player determines their battle choices and movement.

The game also featured a multiplayer in which a six-player competition which involves a complicated stage of computer players in the save file.

Players can assume characters like Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Goku, and Gohan. Records of the winners, and the new moves acquired by the player are all saved in the game data.

The game also features Dr. Lychee following his escape until his death, and Hatchhyackku schemes to destroy the earth until the Saiyans laid to rest the dangers posed by the ghost warriors.

12. Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story 2

Japanese fans welcomed this game on December 17, 1993 for the Super Famicom. Subsequently, France and Spain in June 1994. The game has ten playable characters. However, in the Japanese edition, 2 of the playable characters, Goku and Broly, needs to be unlocked with a code.

The game chronicles the Cell Games and numerous stories about Broly, Zangya and Bojack. Nonetheless, the characters mentioned above were called Tara, Aki, and Kujila, respectively, in the French edition.

13. Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Valiants or Dragon Ball Z: The Call of Destiny

Call it Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Valiants in Japan and Dragon Ball Z: The Call of Destiny in France and Spain. While you can simply refer to it as Dragon Ball Z in Portugal.

The fighting game was released on April 1, 1994 for the Mega Drive, and later in June the same year in Europe. Players can control characters like Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Captain Ginyu, Future Trunks, Recoome, Cell, and Android 18 the game.

14. Dragon Ball Z Side Story: True Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans: Earth Edition 

On September 23, 1994, the game was launched. It was the first part of the series of Saiyan Zenmetsu Keikaku for the Playdia.

There are tons of dragon ball games created from the ’80s till 2020. They’re all yours to play.

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How To Choose The Best Projector For Gaming




In an era where video games produce captivating graphics that can rival a cinematic experience, projectors have become a viable display option for hardcore gamer’s. Current generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can even double as home entertainment systems with integrated support for media service providers like Netflix and Hulu.

While most projectors are suitable for watching movies, video games demand more than just accurate colors and adequate brightness.

If you want to upgrade your setup for a more immersive gaming experience, consider the following aspects to help you find the best projector for gaming.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels in a display. A higher resolution corresponds to a better viewing experience with more vivid images and finer details.

High-quality resolution is a fundamental requirement for any gaming display. For this reason, the ideal gaming projector should have a native resolution of 1080p (1920×1080 px) or 4K (3840×2160 px). Although a 720p (1280×720 px) display is adequate for gamers on a tight budget, anything lower will negatively affect the visuals, especially for graphics-intensive games.

At any rate, 1080p gaming projectors remain to be the standard for a more immersive gaming experience, while 4K variants are the superior and more expensive alternatives.

Response Time and Input Lag

The response time of a gaming projector determines how fast it can change its pixels from black-to-white or gray-to-gray. A projector usually shows a black screen when nothing is displayed, and the duration it takes to produce a gray or white pixel is logged as its response time rating. On the other hand, input lag is the delay between the projector receiving a signal and displaying it on the screen.

Low short response time ensures a smooth visual quality without any motion blur while minimal input lag is crucial if you play competitive multiplayer online games. Most gaming projector manufacturers do not measure lag times, but you can find third party sites that provide statistics.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a projector determines the number of times it can recreate an image within a second. A higher refresh rate guarantees a smoother visual experience as long as the frame rates of a game can keep up.

You can best appreciate the significance of refresh rates with first-person shooter games. When the refresh rates are low, you will be firing at a target that is not where it once was when you started shooting. The reason for this is because your target may have moved ever so slightly by the time your projector refreshes the image.

For most games, a refresh rate of 60 Hz to 120 Hz is reasonable. However, most manufacturers do not disclose information on refresh rates.

Gaming projectors generally have higher refresh rates so you should be alright as long as you find one specifically designed for gaming.

Game Mode

Some projectors feature a game mode that helps reduce lag time to make them more responsive. A dedicated game mode creates a balance between gameplay and video quality. As explained earlier, a bit of lag can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Thankfully, projectors designed for gaming are easy to spot. Manufacturers are not subtle about these products and make it a point by specifically having “gaming” in the title.

Projection Size

Gamers switch to a projector because of the benefit of a much larger display. Although there are massive televisions or monitors available on the market, they are much more expensive. Moreover, gaming projectors offer screen size customizability that you will not find on a TV or a monitor.

A projection size of up to 250 inches enables you to easily split the screen when playing co-op games with a friend.

Contrast Ratio

Many modern games feature high dynamic color ranges that allow for dark and shadowy in-game environments. These images require a high contrast ratio to let users see what is going on. To present these scenes with greater clarity and visual acuity, the ideal contrast for gaming projectors would be at least 10,000:1 for excellent lucidity. Moreover, a high contrast ratio can also provide brighter-looking images.

Throw Distance

Gaming projectors are also classified according to their throw distance. The distance determines how far from the wall the projector is supposed to be positioned. These throw types include long throw, short-throw (regular throw), and super short throw (ultra-short throw).

Long-throw projectors are generally cheaper, but they require a considerable room size. On the contrary, super short throw projectors are commonly used for showing presentations for class or business meeting.

The most popular distance for gaming projectors is short-throw especially for games that employ motion sensors like the Xbox Kinect 2.0 or PlayStation 4 Camera. The light coming from long-throw projectors may be blocked when users are standing between the lens and the screen.


Some video games require players to pay close attention to even the slightest of details. For this reason, a projector for gaming should have sufficient brightness when used in rooms with high levels of ambient lighting.

If you are going to use the projector in a specialized home theater, brightness levels should not be too much of a concern. However, you must consider the brightness rating carefully if your room has natural lighting.

The projection size should also be taken into account. A larger screen requires a higher lumen rating. The safest choice would be to go with a gaming projector with at least 3000 ANSI lumens. That number should be more than enough to illuminate any screen size.

Final Words

Playing video games on a large screen is a truly immersive experience that any gamer will not want to pass on, and it is not as expensive as many people assume. In fact, the cost of a high-quality gaming projector is around the same as a big-screen TV. All it requires is a room with low ambient lighting and a white wall to shine on.

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Darts – The Fun Bar Game




A game of darts is one of the most sociable and popular games which is played around the world. A star of most evenings in the yesteryears, it continues to be in the limelight even in this modern, technology-filled world. The game is still popular mainly because of the ease of setting it up and the promise of fun it upholds every time. You will find that it is an ice-breaker in most parties fostering the spirit of healthy competition. Darts are also used in offices and colleges to relax amid long hours of strategizing and planning. Another factor which makes it popular in work environments is the fact that it can be played in different ways, nourishing freshness and sometimes, people even make up their own rules and changes the game to suit their time, taste and occasion.

The Game Of Darts

We know that a game of darts contains two basic elements; a dartboard and darts. We also know that it is played by throwing darts to the dartboard, to gain points. Some people start from 0 and the person who gets to 180 or 501, depending on how much you want to play wins. Some people start from the back; the winner being the one who reaches zero first.

Benefits of Dart Games

Though it is not known to even people who play darts regularly, it is not just useful to unwind and have fun. It has been proven that playing darts increases one’s hand-eye coordination which is an essential quality. In addition to that, anyone who has played a game of darts and has won a few times would have experienced that sudden peak in self-esteem and confidence. Also, it is something a game that is a favorite of both extroverts and introverts and hence one of the best ways to ensure that everyone is having a good time if you are organizing something. Yet another beautiful aspect of this game is that chances of a fight breaking out is very less, because the rules are simple and very easy to follow even if a person has never played it before.

All About Dartboards

There are different types of dartboards, made of different materials and of different sizes and you can play a number of games using it. The darts are also made of a number of materials but the material using which the dartboard is created matters while selecting darts because they should be compatible. But most dartboards come with a set of darts to eliminate this issue. You will find certain numbers on a dartboard which are arranged in a particular manner. These numbers decide the score by identifying where the dart has reached. Sources say that this arrangement dates back to more than 100 years and no one really knows why it is arranged in that particular way.

Importance Of a Dartboard

A dartboard is crucial for a dart game as it is impossible to play a game without it. The exact center of the dartboard fetches the highest point which is fifty. The score decreases as you move away from the bull’s eye. The markings and numbers on the dartboard provides clarity to the scores. Hence, no foul play which destroys the spirit of the game can be done. This also ensures that the players are having fun throughout the game rather than in silly disputes over points. Though scoring in the game depends on one’s aim, the dartboard itself adds to the fun element as the peculiar arrangement of numbers is done in such a way that small numbers are placed on either side of the large numbers. This means that if you aim for a large number, but misses it, your dart will find a small number as its home. Amusing, right?


Therefore, in addition to the fact that a dartboard is a very basic element in the game of darts, it fosters a certain kind of discipline while encouraging the competitive spirit and enjoyment factor to the maximum. Hence, it is compulsory to have a dartboard regardless of the kind of game you are planning to play.

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Download Your Favorite Mod With Acmarket Apk




Are you one of those who spend a lot of time of your day doing android games? Did you ever want to have unlimited game lives or unlimited game coins? If the answer is yes, Try ACMarket now

What is ACMarket?

ACMarket is the most popular appstore you can use to get game MODS free of charge. It is a free application itself. But also it offers you all its content without any cost at all. ACMarket contains several games and applications with mods. The most important things are, this is the only place you can find the best game mods with high quality. It will give you all your requirements with high download speed in a well-secured manner. Download ACMarket for free and keep in touch with all the latest editions of your favorite game mod.

Do you know what a MOD is? 

There are plenty of games available in the official PlayStore. But you may have found that most of them cannot be downloaded for free. They are in the paid version. Therefore if you need them, you need to enter the details of your credit card and pay the required amount to download the application you need. That is also the same with game options like game lives and health packs. If you need more, you need to buy them. MODS are solutions for those who can’t afford those payments, but still need to get the game.

Mods are the modified version or the cracked version of the game that has been edited to skip the payment process. Therefore whenever you use the mod, you don’t need to do the payments, but can experience the features of the same original games for free. ACMarket can be rated as the best place to get mods; with no doubt at all. There are some high rated game mods in ACMarket.

Check Out The Games Below

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) – San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) - San Andreas
Image Source –

GTA series is one of the best games so far released in the whole world. Among all its episodes, San Andrea’s can be considered as the most popular one. It is available in Google PlayStore and yes you need to pay to make it yours. Since there are many GTA players in the world they are looking forward to a chance to get this one for free. And now you can, with ACMarket. There can be other places also that promise to give you this game for free. But please remember that there can be many fake sites which contain viruses and malware. No worries! You have the most secure version here.

  New Features.

  • High-quality graphics
  • Save device storage with cloud saving feature
  • Advanced control options
  • Compatibility with many wireless game controllers, Bluetooth and USB game pads
  • Ability to adjust graphical settings
  • Multiple language support

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a shooting game which allows the users to get the real war experience. It is popular as an extreme adventure game which uses only a little space from your device. It is a game you can do with 49 opponents in a highly competitive manner. The mod will give you many advantages over the regular applications including the ability to decide the landing location. This can be a turning point of the game since if you can get the target while landing, that is increasing your winning chance.

Also, the mod includes

  • Multiplayer option with 50 players all over the world
  • Best graphics to get the real battle feeling
  • Simple user interface
  • Ability to talk with team members during battle.

 Subway Surfers

 Subway Surfers
Image Source –

If you are an android user, you may be very familiar with the game Subway Surfers. This has been developed by Kiloo and in this game you have to run endlessly. Up to now, it has passed 500 million downloads and you can find it on Google PlayStore for free. Then why do you need the mod?

This is a fun game in which you need to run away from the inspector and dog who are following you. But also you need to grab the things on your way and collect the gold coins. These collections and accidents with trains can make your run troublesome. But if you have MODS, the game can be far more easy. You can download the mod for your android without any restriction. All locked features are unlocked in the mod to give you the best run ever. Want to know about the additional features of the mod?

  • High quality colorful graphics
  • New Iceland tour
  • Hidden Easter eggs
  • Fast acrobatics
  • Connect with social media friends while playing
  • Participate in a weekly hunt game
  • Play with any board and any character

Gangstar Vegas – World of Crime

Gangstar Vegas - World of Crime
Image Source –

As the name implies Gangstar Vegas is a shooting game. You will be able to meet different interesting characters, take part in races, fights, shoots, with no rules in this gameplay. The game includes amazing weapons and latest vehicles in different brands. Some of them are muscle cars, monster trucks etc. in the mod you will find that the number of gold coins and skill points and keys are different from the regular one. Features include:

  • Breaking the banks for casino
  • Battle through many missions including action, shooting, and car races
  • Knock down enemies easily
  • Upgrade abilities like fast theft, sharp sniper shots, better control of racing cars etc
  • Ability to personalize gears etc

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2
Image Source –

This is one of the most popular action games developed for Android and IOS devices. Game has been developed by Nekki and it was released in 2015. You can easily download it from Google play store and play it without a hassle. But the bad thing is your won’t get enough coins like resources to go ahead. The MOD will give you the solution. Some have tried to root the device instead. But rooting can be a threat to the security of your device. Therefore mod has become the possible solution for that. If you have the mod, you will have :

  • Unlimited game coins and gems
  • Access to all features
  • Regular updates
  • Free energy

So why being bored with the regular apps? Try mods and get the best feeling of your game.

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