Why Call of Duty is Not Like You Remember

Call of Duty

When it comes to video games, it is hard to think of an example that is more well-known than Call of Duty. However, this is not just because it is well-known in gaming circles. To parents and much of the media, Call of Duty has historically been a game that has had its fair share of controversy, particularly when thinking of the game as being a factor in mass shootings. Other controversies include the use of Nazi images and the portrayal of modern warfare. Of course, there will be many who say that the series is brave for depicting such things and is needed in this age.

There have of course been other games that have proved controversial but have ironically not affected sales at all. Grand Theft Auto V is a good example of this where players can controversially visit an in-game casino and players after the real thing can find many others at Taking this into account, it is clear that a controversial game does not impact how much a person enjoys it.

Whatever your thoughts on Call of Duty, it is hard to deny that the series is massive. Many gamers will have memories of playing the original outings when the series first blew up in the late 2000s as these games are widely considered to be the best in the series madalin stunt cars 3. However, people who enjoy things always say that past examples are better than current instalments. The same is true for people who lived through previous generations of music and films. The truth is that we naturally have more positive memories of things we engaged in when growing up, and it is hard to move from that position as we remember them so fondly. This may explain why people love the older Call of Duties so much, despite them facing issues that hindered gameplay.

However, there may be some truth to the idea that older Call of Duties were simply better. Many will have memories of playing with friends and simply steamrolling the opposition in some lobbies and getting steamrolled themselves in other lobbies. This created a casual experience that people could access for fun. In comparison, the Call of Duty of today is not like that at all. A growing gaming community has meant that more skilled players have emerged – more than they were ten years ago. This idea is also supported by the fact that later generations who grew up with gaming would have engaged in the activity for much of their lives, naturally making them better than older generations.

Once this is understood, it becomes obvious why Call of Duty no longer feels the same as it once did. The average skill of players has increased to such an extent that now, every game feels challenging. It has become harder and harder to consistently play Call of Duty for a casual experience, especially since the implementation of skill-based matchmaking. This ensures that players are always matched with players of equal skill, effectively removing the casual experience.

Whether this is a good or a bad thing is a question for another day, but what is clear is that Call of Duty has now become a competitive game and is far removed from the casual experience that it once was.

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