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What Are The Best Nightlife Areas In 2020?

What Are The Best Nightlife Areas In 2020?

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Most people like traveling to Bangkok because it is filled with exciting street life and sparkling shrines along with other historical artifacts. In other words, it is among the top tourist destinations that most tourists need to visit in the world. There are many things that you can explore in this city, including the Bangkok National Museum and Buddhist temples. These two are among the significant visited sites in the city. Also, if you are among those individuals who prefer to see the city after the sun’s down, the following are the best nightlife areas in Bangkok.

1) Khaosan Road

Historically, the Khaosan Road in Bangkok was a rice market. However, initially, this small road in the center of the city is well known for its backpacking culture. Most of the travelers visit this road to get cheap accommodation. It has modern structures where tourists can find a room and relax. Most people come to this area because it is just the right place to relax. When visiting this place, you will notice that it has plenty of clubs, bars, and restaurants. To make your Thai experience even better, you could have the company of beautiful Thai girls on Bangkok Nightlife. They will even suggest the best clubs and bars to go to. If you want a yacht or a rooftop party, they will make it happen.

2) Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is another red light district that is located along the Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. Most of the nightclubs found in this area have bright neon lights that light them up. In other words, these go-go bars have seats that are arranged around the stage. If you do not like seating at the front, you will have an opportunity to sit at the back. In this district, one of the famous bars is the Lilac Bar. Most people prefer going there because it has six smaller stages and one main stage. You will also have a chance to watch various sporting activities with their big screens.

3) Royal City Avenue

Royal City Avenue is designed and designated as an entertainment zone by the Thailand government. It is a street that is filled with various clubs and bars. In other words, it is always busy seven nights a week. If you are looking forward to a wild party, you can consider the Legendary Route 66 Nightclub. It is one of the nightclubs that have various rooms that can accommodate many people. It is among the busy streets that you can find in Bangkok.

4) The Club At Koi

The Club at Koi is another 39th-floor nightclub that you can find in Bangkok. It has an attractive design with an avenue that has a posh downstairs restaurant. Also, it has a breezy outside terrace that you can use for chilling. If you want to party with beautiful ladies, make sure that you visit the club on Wednesdays.

5) Route 66

Another area that you are likely to get is the ROUTE 66. It is among the cheapest nightclubs that you can visit in Bangkok. It is divided into three different zones where you can sit, relax, and enjoy. It has the hip-hop zone, live music room, and the small dance room. During the weekend, it is hard for one to secure a table.

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