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First-timers Business Travel Guide to the USA.


The first question to pop-up in your mind if you are a first-time business traveler to the USA is how and where do you go around? Lucky for you because we’re here to answer exactly that question!

Traveling to the USA can be both thrilling and exhausting experience, so we want to make sure that we find a mean for travelers that is both enjoyable and convenient for them.

  1. Travel and Packing Suggestions: Business trips are can get you flustered, and come always come with extremely high expectations on what can be done to justify the cost. Approaching it thoughtfully to make them less stressful and more impactful is vital and thus here are a few suggestions:

Ease your packing process. A week or two right before the trip, it’s extremely essential to list down a set of things that need to be packed or purchased for your travel – your lip balm, lotion, towels- whatever you think you might end up forgetting since these are the basic miniature things that do end up being forgotten. Being comprehensive about the same is wise, so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Secondly, all your travel items should never have to leave the suitcase at all. Keeping extra emergency, chargers, compression socks and a kit pre-packed with toiletries, and all your health essentials should be packed and ready to go – always.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move to what a Business trip means. A business trip is nothing more but a visit to another country/state for work purposes. This visit takes you places other than your normal “office” – often places that require air travel to reach.

  1. Understanding the Economy: The USA is extremely advanced and developed in several aspects, which is home to the world’s largest economy. It is also accounted for as the most diverse and technologically developed. The mere size, diversity and entrepreneurial culture in the USA ensure there are several business opportunities. Some of the major trading partners include its neighbor Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, and Germany; and with the influence of several US multinational corporations in the global marketplace ensure a great influential hold on global business and trade and a currency that is the dominant reserve currency and the standard unit for many commodities.
  2. Visa Essentials: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers services to travelers, providing useful advice when traveling to the USA. You can navigate and find further information on entry requirements for the USA along with advice on local laws and customs, health considerations, and useful tips on how safety and security play an important role when making the travel. The addresses and contact details of the British Embassy in the USA.

Visa Waiver program countries nationals do not usually require visas for visits that are of short duration such as of fewer than 90 days. These countries include the UK, Germany, Italy, and France. With visa requirements that are subjected to change with changes that arise in requirements and rules.

  1. Correctly directing Business Meetings: Business outfits for initial meetings can be conservative, although several places have a casual tone for one or more days per week. Business meetings are required to be booked in advance. Punctuality plays an important role when it comes to meetings, your hosts may come across to you as brash and straight to the point when placed in comparison to more indirect styles used in several other countries. Honesty and professionalism are sought after and highly valued and with a long-hours culture do not be surprised if you are invited to a breakfast meeting which starts from 7 to 8 AM.

Business lunches are 99.9% of the time, work-related affairs and tend to always stick to work issues and discussions. It is important to make sure there is no offense in the diversity of the workplace and adherence to strict legislation on these issues. Business meetings are more often than not held over lunch, business dinners are usually conducted in restaurants rather than private residences to keep the professional touch to it. Business practices and protocols are carried and are similar to those found in most western countries.

  1. Safety First: The major amount of trips to the USA for both business visitors and tourists are likely to be pleasant and in every aspect, incident-free. It is crucial to always be careful and watchful of your surroundings and environment – where you are and what you’re doing. Be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas and also in public transport that is usually crowded as well and bag snatching, robberies, and car crimes are also concerns in certain areas. Seek local advice and assistance on areas to stay away from that can be more hazardous and dangerous to you in any way. Ensure that your valuables are not on public show. The hurricane season starting from June to October can affect a wide area of the states and it is important to listen to the advice of locals and not be caught out unprepared.

It is recommended that you check with your doctor for current and accurate advice on whether you require any form of travel vaccinations up to eight weeks right before you travel.

  1. USA Weather: The variant size and latitude of the USA only means that there are several regional weather ups and downs such as humid continental, arid, humid temperate, humid subtropical and tropical climates known to the country. Alaska has an arctic climate whilst Hawaii has a tropical climate.

As a traveler, you are bound to come across the two words Visa & ESTA. So are Visa is the same as ESTA? No, the most important difference between ESTA and visa is that an ESTA can be obtained through online forms and portals or websites that offer its services (Check ESTA Online), while the US tourist visa is a 100% be obtained through an embassy or consulate.

In conclusion, traveling to the USA as a first-timer can be a little tricky but with perfect and pre-handed planning, you can ensure that your business trip will be a success.

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