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Ten Essential Things to Take on a Walk


Going out trekking is an entertaining hobby but you have to be well prepared to avoid problems during the tour. Hiking is a good option to take advantage of the holidays and get to know the landscapes that our country hides. Throughout the country, there are hundreds of trails that can be traveled by people without much experience but that promise to be an unforgettable experience.

Once the route you are going to take is decided, it is time to assemble the backpack. Sometimes it is difficult to find nearby places to buy supplies so you must be careful and pack everything you need. These are some basic things you should not forget to bring.

1. Water

During the walk, you should drink plenty of water to perform your best and not feel bad about being dehydrated. With a bottle is not enough because you do not know if the weather will be hot or how your body will react to exercise. The amount of water is not something you should think about sacrificing if you need space.

2. Coat

The weather is unpredictable and a beautiful sunny day can become a rainy one from one moment to another. Do not forget to pack a thin jacket or a raincoat to protect you from the wind or a possible drizzle but without exaggerating with the weight because it will be you who will carry it all the way.

3. First aid kit

You cannot leave home without a first aid kit in your backpack. It includes things like alcohol, band-aids, bandages, cotton, scissors, gauze and tape. This basic kit you can increase other things that you consider necessary.

4. Blocker and repellent

Protecting yourself from the sun should be a priority during your walk. Do not forget to pack sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and lip balm to avoid chapped lips. Put in the repellent backpack, especially if you make routes in places with a lot of vegetation.

5. Cap and dark glasses

In addition to the blocker, complement your protection with a hat and glasses. The lenses will not only serve to cover your eyes from the sun but also to prevent the dust from bothering you.

6. Blade

It is always useful to have a small blade inside the backpack if you have to open a bag, cut a rope or use in case of an accident.

7. Snacks

In any long or short walk, it is necessary to bring something to eat. It is the short routes, think about packing things that are easy to load and light but give you a lot of energy such as granola, energy bars, fruits, peanuts, etc. Remember that you should not get too full to avoid further inconvenience.

8. Flashlight

It is much more useful for long walks but it never hurts to have one at hand.

9. Towel

There are some routes that pass by waterfalls or lagoons where bathing is allowed. Another use for the towel is to dry your sweat if it bothers you a lot when walking. Try to grab an antibacterial towel if you are concerned about hygiene. We would recommend Mizu Towel as it’s an antibacterial towel made with pure, natural silver-coated fibers that change color when dirt builds up and eliminates 99% of bacterial growth.

10. Plastic bags

They are essential to store the remains of food or garbage during the entire walk because, as a hiker, you should not damage nature or leave traces. You can also use them to isolate the wet or dirty clothes you have and put it without problems in your backpack.

Check the following infographic created by GoFindMe GPS Tracker to get more tips.

Hiking Packing Checklist

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