Benefits Of Using SEO Tools To Help Your Business Succeed

seo tools

As a business owner in a digital world, you should be familiar with technologies that could boost your business and position it better for success. One such technology is a business website, which will serve as your company’s online home or office.

After you have created your business website, the next step is to optimize it to achieve better engagement and transaction volumes. One effective way of doing it is through search engine optimization or SEO. 

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO has to do with helping your business website get organic or unpaid traffic from search results.

Search engines utilize crawlers that scan through websites to know what websites have to offer. In milliseconds, these search engines rank websites based on different factors, including content and user-friendliness.

There are three ways to take advantage of SEO for your company’s success. These are the following:

  • On-page SEO: As its name suggests, it pertains to optimizing your website pages individually. On-page SEO endeavors include content creation, keyword research, and optimization.
  • Technical SEO: This is the SEO type that relates to the tech-related stuff on your website. It is focused on the backend structure of your website. It improves site readability for search engines, speed, and the overall user experience. 
  • Off-site SEO: This SEO aspect works on the public relationship (PR) of your company with other websites. It focuses on link building, which requires research and guest posting schemes. 

SEO Tools

seo tools
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Just like any other work process, there are tools used to facilitate SEO. These measure the potential of your website pages to rank high, as well as analyze your web content for keywords, backlinks, domain authority, and traffic, among others.

When using SEO tools to get your optimization going, it is possible to measure the accruing results. There are tools to measure your SEO for free, and there are also paid ones as well. These tools ensure that business owners are not blindsided as to what their SEO efforts are achieving by measuring your conversions and their sources. This way, you can work on hinging more on these parts.

SEO tools fall in the following subcategories:

  • Link Tracking: These tools help to keep track of your link profile. The higher the quality of links to your website, the better the rankings.
    • Ahrefs: It offers an overview and comparison of domain names. It is offered on a free and paid option, although the latter has more inclusive features.
  • Keywords: This includes analyzing keywords that will earn you an optimized ranking on a search engine. Analyzing keywords will help you to know the most searched words and your competitors that are already using those words.
    • Google Keywords Planner: This is used to search a list of keywords and to check how they will perform.
  • Traffic: This refers to the inflow of potential customers to your website and it is very important for business owners to be able to track this. There are a good number of tools that can be used to do this.
    • Google Analytics: It helps to keep track of your traffic records. It essentially evaluates your ROI or return on investment for your website.
  • Competitive Research: These tools help to determine which keywords are driving traffic to your competitor websites.
    • SEMRush: You can get information on your competitors’ Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, keyword rankings, backlinks and more for a paid subscription.
    • SpyFu: It offers a free option with information on the most profitable keywords, competitor PPC ads, and ranking histories.

Benefits Of SEO Tools For Your Business

Create Organic Traffic

Traffic is a major area of concern in terms of owning a website. The use of SEO tools, however, makes it very possible to pull in a good amount of organic traffic.

Ideally, your business website should be optimized which guarantees the best possible rankings. This is important because when search engine users see a top result they are more likely to click on it than those that are lower in the ranking. These types of clicks are referred to as organic because they are not paid for.

Such organic traffic proves to be potential customers because they visited your website due to a piqued interest and are more likely to make a purchase or deal in the long run.

There Is An Emphasis On High-Quality Content

There is a popular quote in SEO that, “Content is king.” This phrase places a priority on making your website content of high quality. There is really no SEO without an array of content that possesses the right quality, which makes this very important. SEO tools ensure that content is optimized in the following ways:

  • Content Research/ Keyword Research: Researching the right keywords to use in your content is important in SEO. It is how your content can effectively answer a search query. Thus, your content has to be written clearly.
  • Content Words/ Use of Keywords: Having carried out the required research on keywords in a concise and non-obvious manner, keywords then have to be appropriately integrated in a non-advertising way into your content.
  • Content Freshness: Fresh means ‘new’. This is exactly what search engines look out for on a website. In most search engines the content deemed as fresh gets a boost over its counterparts.

An Improved User Experience

Search engines often scan through websites to determine how user-friendly they are. Thus, in order for a website to be optimized, its user experience (UX) needs to be improved. UX refers to the ease with which people can use a product, which in this case is a website.

Search engines seek websites with the best experience for users for search results. User Experience Optimization translates to improved user experience in the following ways:

  • Mobile Friendliness: This is a parameter that now contributes to the optimization of your website. Google, for example, now uses mobile-friendliness as a factor to rank websites. Therefore, making your website more mobile-friendly improves the overall user experience of your website.
  • Page Loading Speed: This refers to the time it takes for a page on your website to load. Users are more likely to enjoy a website with a faster page load time over one that is slower.

Heightened Visibility

seo tools
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What use is a business website if it isn’t visible to its target customers? This is exactly what SEO strives to achieve. When your website is optimized it typically appears on the first page of search results. Thus, your website becomes more visible to users which can greatly aid ease with how search engine users can recall your business website domain. 

SEO tools can help to improve the visibility of your firm’s website by coming up with a visibility score that can help you decide what needs to be optimized on your website

Better Conversion Rates

Conversion in marketing pertains to the process of converting your website traffic to paying customers. SEO tools aim to see that a highly optimized website can result in high conversion rates.

SEO’s famed ability to make your website more visible ensures this. When users see and click through a website they make more buying decisions. This translates to more profits for your company.

Better Brand Awareness And Credibility

Creating consciousness of your brand in the minds of your target audience is one of the benefits SEO tools bring to your business, such that the moment people read or hear your website name, they can recall it with ease. This is referred to as brand awareness.

Search engine users trust their providers to assure that they remain on the top search results as trusted and established brands. Thus, when your business website is up on the first page of search results, it translates to better credibility. 

Cheaper Than Other Digital Marketing Methods

In SEO the results are based solely on conformity with the search engine’s algorithms. Therefore, there are no running costs as long as that is satisfied. 

Of course, you might need to pay experts to get the best optimization results, but it will remain relatively cheaper than other promotion methods. In contrast, for other marketing methods such as Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, you can pay as much as $5 per click.

Having carried out the necessary research, writing, and formatting required to create high-quality SEO content through paid services, your website’s spot in at the top of rankings is achieved virtually free.

What’s more, you have the option of learning SEO by yourself, which will totally eliminate its monetary costs. However, this will mean personally investing time in learning and implementing the best SEO tactics.

A Long-term Investment

SEO costs should be viewed as a business investment other than just marketing costs because the full effect of SEO often takes time to kick in. This is typical of a business investment waiting to yield. It could take as long as six months to achieve optimal rankings but once your website attains this, you could stay at the top for years to come except if there are drastic changes to the search engine’s algorithm. 


SEO, as discussed in this article, is the process of optimizing your website in order to rank well in search engines. SEO tactics are three-pronged, namely: on-page, technical and off-page SEO.

SEO tools are used to ensure that these SEO tactics are properly utilized for the best results. Some of which are Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner and others.

Using these tools can result in numerous benefits that have been discussed comprehensively above such as improved user experience, better conversion rates and more. Making use of SEO tools in your business efforts guarantees success.

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