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10 Reasons To Use WordPress As A Platform For Your Website


10 reasons to use WordPress as a platform for your website. We go through several recommendations and explain why you should use WordPress in 2020.

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10 reasons To Use WordPress In 2020

WordPress has been in the business for more than 15 years, so what have they managed to achieve at this time, and where are they today? For this article, we analyzed 10 reasons why you should use WordPress in 2020. 

Many years ago, I started programming in different languages ​​like PHP, C#, and simple stuff like HTML & CSS. But some years later, I met a customer, who had a website developed in WordPress CMS, and it was love at first sight. It turned out to be something I would get stuck with and start working with for many years to come, even to this day.

WordPress was first developed as a blogging tool for individuals. Still, after a few years, it started to be used as a platform for companies and organizations, just because of its convenience and simplicity. A CMS (Content Management System) is developed by us, and that’s why it’s simple for us. Below, we list ten reasons why it is so relevant and why we recommend it.

1. Well-grounded And Popular

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We start by emphasizing that it is by far the most popular CMS tool on the market. A full 59.9% use the platform, and the number continues to rise. With 15 years of usage under its belt, it has not only created a solid name for itself. The platform has built up one of the best communities on the web, and now, it’s used by big labels like The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, Beyonce, etc.

2. Free And Accessible

Believe it or not, WordPress is completely free and is open-source-based, which means that you can structure, design, and create your websites the way you want and with WordPress.

3. Flexible

Web shop, community, newspaper/magazine, blog, portfolio, simply everything — WordPress can do it. In the WordPress environment, as a developer, you are never limited. Create any page you want, whether it is an online store, private site, or business site with services like custom-essays-writings.com. WordPress is an extremely flexible tool. With it, you can create your own plugins and themes from scratch and get a page that you really want.

4. Google-friendly

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Oh yes, you read that right — Google-friendly. According to Google itself, in several reports and posts, they very clearly state that they love WordPress. At least, that’s what their search engines do. WordPress and its community (those who create themes and plugins) have codes that have high quality according to Google’s criteria. That makes Google’s robots “crawl” WordPress, themes & plugins very easy, which leads to increased Google-friendly rate.

5. Safe And Secure

Over the years, WordPress has established its brand and platform. They have also succeeded in establishing themselves as a reliable and secure platform. Websites are rarely attacked by viruses and malware. Still, there have been some occurrences, and that usually happens due to old themes and plugins that have not been updated. We recommend constantly updating your plugins as well as themes. Where such violation occurs, since plugins and themes aren’t updated, it may also be due to pirated themes/plugins. You need to be confident in your supplier/agency and manage the adherence to the principles of your website.

6. Responsive

Whatever you create in WordPress:

  • Online store
  • A business page
  • A private page, etc.

 WordPress CMS automatically adapts it to the visitor’s device. That can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The website adapts to make it user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is called responsive design and is extremely important, given that we are increasingly dependent on mobile phones.

7. A Plethora Of Plugins

If it doesn’t exist, don’t worry — it will be created. We have come across many customers over the years who usually say, “can you do this … and this … and this?” And we always answer with a simple yes. WordPress is so great and progressive that almost any creative website idea can be created from scratch. 

8. User-friendly

Add, create, delete, paste, and remove. It doesn’t get any easier than that, and on the whole, WordPress works just like that. Write posts, save, and publish. The same goes for pages:

  1. Creating
  2. Editing
  3. Designing
  4. Saving
  5. Publishing

 The word is free, and the possibilities are endless. Everything from structuring the navigation menu to designing contact forms is simple, (usually) cheap, and effective.

9. Free Themes

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Perhaps WordPress is best known for its free themes. Here, as it was said before, it is easy to find cheap solutions. Just remember to keep the themes of your websites up to date and relevant for your target audience. It may happen that you create a page, and after a few visits, you have to change it because of some restrictions or updates. On WordPress, there are also themes to buy that add more features and design suggestions.

10. Superb Support

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If you can express your opinions freely, you are in safe hands. The WordPress World and community is an open support forum, and agents there are always helpful no matter what happens on the website. It can be error codes, structural errors, warnings, etc. There, you can find the best solution easily.


We would like to finish this post by pointing out that there are many more reasons for WordPress to be the first choice in 2020. Here, we have only prioritized 10 most important aspects that highlight WordPress’s relevance. Also, thank you for the time you spent reading our post. Feel free to provide any feedback and share your thoughts on what you think about WordPress and its pros and cons.

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