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Why the Job Field is Growing for Finance and Economics


Money-related fields, like finance and economics, have been experiencing significant employment growth for the past few years. Now that the decade is about to end, job demands for these two sectors are expected to rise until 2028.

If you’re interested in pursuing careers related to these industries, the future certainly looks bright. The growth can mostly be attributed to improvements in job creation and stock market performance—a comeback that started happening after the Great Recession.

The Great Recession and the Rise of Financial Experts

Recessions are hard-hitting no matter where you stand in the socioeconomic hierarchy. It’s no surprise that the Great Recession from 2007 to 2009 served as a hard lesson, even for established organizations.

Many national-scale problems are linked to oversight and poor financial regulations. As a result, businesses and even households have become more cautious about their finances. This led to a higher demand for people who understand how money works.

Now, good employment prospects await those who are educated in the field of finance.

Favorable Employment Outlook: What are the Reasons?

Economists and financial professionals are undoubtedly great assets to governments, companies, and normal citizens. That’s because their guidance is invaluable in achieving true financial security. Hence, people are now striving to become more financially stable so they’d be safe in case of another recession.

Aside from serving as preventive measures to financial meltdowns, here are other reasons why finance and economics majors are in demand:

Emerging Economies

A financial manager career is something that’s lucrative in a growing economy. Financial professionals are especially sought after when job rates rise and stock markets perform well. Their skills and expertise are needed so this growth can be maintained over the long term.

Additionally, more people are also seeking financial literacy in the form of investments and retirement plans. Since people are shifting their focus towards wealth and risk management, financial advisors and analysts are there to help them understand the full weight of their monetary choices.

Increasing Business Competitions

Organizations and businesses across various fields require quantitative research and economic analysis to do the following things:

  • Justify their plans and decisions
  • Analyze their spending
  • Forecast sales and trends

Since money is at the forefront of their goals, a company needs to know the best ways to allocate their funds. 

Additionally, the global economy is quickly changing. Hence, businesses must always keep themselves updated with the new regulations to survive in competitive arenas.

Marketing Links

Many people who come from the finance industry are now crossing over into the marketing industry. In this hybrid field, financial experts decipher the data and numbers and translate them into understandable marketing reports.

These reports are used to create new plans that would improve an organization’s current marketing efforts. This allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition by continuously analyzing the numbers and strategies that bring back more money.

With the help of financial experts, not only do companies learn the best ways to get their cash flowing, but they also begin to understand why their customers are choosing them. They get to study the mechanics behind people’s purchasing decisions, which is helpful in product or service improvement.

Data is Treasure

All types of organizations, even non-profit ones, can greatly benefit from having the relevant data in their hands.

For instance, while economists are largely relied on for their market forecasts, the data they interpret can also be helpful in many fields, such as law, health, environment, and education.

Data will always be crucial for decision-making, especially when big organizations are involved. As a result, the need for financial professionals who can make sense of the market numbers will only continue to grow.

Money is Involved Everywhere!

No matter what kind of citizen you are, money will always be involved in all your actions. The key is to learn how to use and save your money wisely.

This is why financial managers have become a mainstay in today’s society. From the personal all the way to the corporate level, they ensure that people know the best ways to keep their cash flowing.

Conclusion – Pursue Finance-Related Studies

Whether people like it or not, money is something that’ll always remain relevant to humanity. It is a tool that controls many of the world’s livelihoods and work processes.

More than ever, financial professionals are needed to help governments, organizations, businesses, and citizens manage their finances in a much wiser way. If this is a job that you think you could be great in, the financial and economic sectors are ready to welcome you.

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