Sunday, August 7, 2022

When Will Smartphones Get 5G Internet Speed?


The introduction of 5G technology will have a great impact on the IT industry. Unlike 3G and 4G, 5G will be more than just speed. Apart from high-speed internet connectivity, this technology is reliable as well as stable. The new network of 5G technology will enable smartphones to function efficiently because it will be easier to load applications and download files from the internet. 

5G network will be rolling out in the early months of 2020, but most users would not have access to this latest technology because it will only be available to a few markets. For instance, AT&T recently announced that it will be offering a 5G network to only 12 cities during the initial years. However, the service will expand when the demand for this network becomes evident. Similarly, T-Mobile will introduce its 5G service by the mid of 2020 and it will be available throughout the nation. An important factor to note is the fact that not all smartphones will be compatible with this network. So, do not expect your 5G iPhone to work with this network right away. Device selection will be limited at first but some companies have already launched their 5G enabled smartphones. For example, Samsung and Huawei both have released 5G phones having a built-in 5G support system. Apple, on the other hand, will release its 5G iPhone in September 2020 when the market is mature and widespread. 


Although 5G will offer super-fast internet speed, users might not switch to this service just to download some files or movies faster. They need actual benefits and value for their investment. Therefore, providers will have to demonstrate the real benefits of 5G technology in order to convince users that they need an upgrade. There are not enough reasons to invest in a 5G smartphone because this network will take time to reach residential customers. Service providers will have to install completely new infrastructure to make this technology work. So, if you cannot wait to get your hands on this incredibly fast technology, you can simply opt for Spectrum internet plans as they too deliver super-fast internet connection with unlimited downloading. 


It is worth mentioning the fact that 5G is not the end of technology. It is the beginning of modern internet service, which would require heavy upgrades to the hardware so that people can take advantage of future innovations and enjoy high-speed internet connectivity. Businesses that can anticipate the changes and adapt to the latest technology will definitely see a positive impact in the upcoming years. With the emergence of a 5G network, heavy data technologies will become available on smartphones, freeing people from their desks. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, multi-party video conferences, all will be available on mobile and users will be able to get real-time notifications.  

Even though the 5G network’s availability is limited to only a few areas, every major carrier has announced that it will expand the coverage area in the upcoming months so that people can use this amazingly fast service. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, by the end of the year 2024, 5G subscriptions will increase to almost 2 billion and 35% of the traffic will be carried by 5G networks. In addition to this, 5G technology will geographically expand to almost 65% of the population in the world, which will be an achievement for the providers. 

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