What Is The Purpose Of Writing A Personal Statement


Every student who wants to apply to an educational institution has to write a personal statement. It is one of the most important things to do. Make sure that your personal statement is engaging enough and follows the standard. It would be best to learn how to write a personal statement yourself, yet many students prefer to find professional personal statement writers online and use their services. You have to understand that a personal statement is about your personality, achievements, experience, and plans/ambitions for the professional future. You have to let the university or college committee know why you are the best candidate. We do not recommend you to copy someone else’s personal statement because it will be checked for plagiarism and similarities.

As soon as you get the appointment for an interview, you have to be prepared to discuss the main aspects of your written personal statement. If you fake the information, it will be very easy to catch you because you will end up being stuck for an answer. A badly written personal statement can ruin students’ chances of getting a place at the university, so take it with all the importance.

Many students do not understand how to start a personal statement. Nowadays, you can find many online tools and resources, for example, a personal statement worksheet, which can help you jot down ideas. Do not forget to watch videos on YouTube on how to accomplish a personal statement assignment. Rely on people and do not hesitate to ask for help from your teachers or parents. By explaining to them why you are interested in this course, you will shape the main thoughts and ideas for your personal statement. You will have to write them down and polish the style.

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What Should You Include In A Personal Statement?

Do you know that a personal statement can be used in many different ways? You can use it for applying to universities or for your resume. The main purpose of a personal statement is to “sell” yourself to the reader. You have to share your experience and summarise your knowledge and skills. Your personal statement has to be relevant to what you apply for.

Tips To Write An Eye-Catching Personal Statement

The following tips will help students stand out. Consider our recommendations while writing a personal statement for your CV:

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What Do We Call A Personal Statement?

A personal statement should be composed as a short and compressed summary of your personality. You prepare it for prospective employers to win the competition. University applicants have to present a personal statement too, but it has to be detailed enough to be enrolled in the course.

Why Do We Need A Personal Statement?

A personal statement is one of the most essential elements of your resume. Use it to impress your future employer. It looks like a brief paragraph that sums up your core skills, experience, and interests. By presenting a professionally-written personal statement, you will prove that you are perfect for the desired position. Use it to convince the recruiter to read your CV till the end.

What Is The Perfect Size For A Personal Statement?

The standard size for a personal statement is 150 words. If you decide to make it bigger, you risk taking up too much valuable space in your CV. It is just a summary. Do not confuse it with a cover letter which is much bigger. A personal statement should be pertinent and concise.

What Do We Need To Put In A Personal Statement?

Make sure that your personal statement gives the answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What can I offer?
  • What are my educational/career goals?

When you draft your personal statement, you should consider making a bullet-pointing list with your answers. Students, who lack inspiration, should use the job description section in order to identify the skills the employer/university committee is looking for.

How Should We Start A Personal Statement?

The most important is to start with the question “who are you?” Make sure to include a brief introduction as the starting point.

What Tense Should We Use?

There are no strict rules regarding a person or tense to write your personal statement, as long as consistency is maintained throughout.



A personal statement is not a big text but it has to be taken seriously. Give yourself enough time to write a perfect text. Make sure that you write a new personal statement for each application you send off. Although it takes time, you will see that your efforts will impress your employer. Every educational course, internship, or job will require a different set of skills/qualifications/experience, which means that your abilities will change from one application to another one. The only thing we ask you to avoid is a generic personal statement. It will bring you nowhere. Stay honest and demonstrate your will to grow as a person and specialist.

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