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What Does an IT Recruiter do?

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A generalist recruiter selects staff for administrative, operational, or sales vacancies. On the other hand, an IT recruiter (or IT recruiter) is in charge of attracting, filtering and selecting Information Technology personnel for the systems department of a company. With the growth in demand for technology profiles, companies are hiring or developing recruiters who specialize in recruiting IT profiles. In this article, we will tell you what an IT recruiter does and what sets it apart from a general recruiter.

What is the role of the IT recruiter?

The main task of an IT recruiter is to fill their vacancies in the shortest possible time, with candidates that fit the organizational culture of the company, trying not to increase the salary tabs of technological profiles within the company. But with great challenge that IT profiles are scarce and the competition between companies to get IT professionals is high. Because when the systems team does not have the necessary talent to continue working, important projects fall behind and the company loses business opportunities.

What Kind of Profiles Does an IT Recruiter Select?

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Information Technology recruiters specialize in selecting profiles from:

Systems Engineers

Network Engineers

Software developers (programmers)

Testers / QA

Database Administrators

SAP or Oracle consultants

Web designers

Software architects

Systems Analysts


What Types of Companies Have Their Own IT Recruiters?

They are usually companies in which the development of technology is key to your business:

Corporate with large systems teams.

Information Technology Consulting.


Software factories (companies that develop software for other companies).

Some recruiting agencies also specialize in technical profiles, so they hire IT, recruiters, to fill their client vacancies.

Why is There a Special Position to Recruit IT Profiles?

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Technology Specialization

The IT recruiter knows the different software technologies used in the market and knows what these tools are for.

Since each Information Technology profile handles different software tools and not all of them serve the same purpose. For example, a Web Developer can know programming languages ​​like PHP and tools like HTML and CSS that are used to create web pages on the internet. While a developer of mobile applications (mobile and tablet apps) knows programming languages ​​such as Java, Swift and C.

Both profiles are different and know different tools. An IT recruiter must know the differences between IT profiles to present viable candidates to their client. If a company asks someone who knows how to program in Java, the IT recruiter cannot introduce a PHP Programmer. Both profiles can seem the same (a programmer). But they are completely different tools and programmers need years of experience to master a single programming language.

The recruitment task is much more complicated when the client requesting a vacancy with too many technologies. An IT professional who has expertise in various programming languages, if not impossible, it is very difficult and expensive to find.

There are so many technologies, programming languages, and frameworks that you can learn about IT profiles that technology recruiters can take a two-year learning curve to understand what these technologies are and what they’re for.

Technical Language

The IT recruiter has to have a vast technical language to communicate and understand with Systems Engineers. That implies knowing that it is a programming language, framework, API, etc. If they do not know this type of terms, their conversation with the candidates becomes complicated and fruitless. In addition to that if an IT recruiter does not have a strong technical language base, they will not really understand the profiles they are recruiting.

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