How to Use Video Marketing to Build Your Brand?

video marketing

Brand building is not an easy task. With a significant technology shift, you never know which strategy will prove worthy down the line.

However, one factor has been a staple in the marketing sector for years, video marketing. Expected to control over 4/5th of the total internet traffic by the end of 2022, video plays a vital role in the brand-building process. 

Right from the consumer acquisition to consumer retention, through studies and analytics, there is so much to manage when it comes to building a brand from scratch. You see, video marketing is a versatile format that is compelling, immersive, and intricate. It can entertain, educate, and inform consumers at the same time. 

In other words, videos are the best medium to put your point across. It is further proved when website visitors spend 88% more time on video content. But how should a business initiate its journey of brand building? Here are some promising approaches that will help marketers make a great brand that will carve a niche by creating value for its customers. 

The Basis of Everything is Good Content

Before anything else, the marketers need to brainstorm upon the type of content they would like to roll-out for their target audience. As over 66% of the total conversions depend upon the right video content, it is a crucial step. So, a brand needs to decide the theme, subject, or topic of the video. 

What do you think are the four pillars of good video content? They are regularity, diversity, recycling, and experimenting. Following a fixed time cycle to post videos will fetch favorable results for a brand. Moreover, the content for video marketing should serve a diverse section of the audience. 

They can also add text to video for a better viewing experience. Giving a makeover to older videos can be a smart move to meet the upcoming release deadlines. Last but most important, experimenting is the key to success here. Regular research and inspirations can churn out the most creative content. 

Sharing Content 

video marketing

All the hard work goes in vain when the audience is unable to see your hard work. Therefore, marketers must ensure that they share their videos on some of the most effective platforms. 

This strategy will make a brand one of the prominent players in the market. So what are these effective platforms?

  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Website 
  • Linking websites, and so on

Interestingly, sharing the video by tagging a few friends will also create brand awareness. Moreover, you can multiply your engagement ratio by asking all the members to tag three more contacts before sharing the video. It is an effective way to reach the maximum range of the audience in a short time.


Over 78% of consumers watch videos in a week, and over 55% watch them daily. It calls for creating brand consistency. It is essential to create a place in the minds of the target audience with some specific features. Here are some of the crucial elements that can help marketers in achieving consistency for video marketing: 

  • Colors – Go for a color scheme that blends well with the brand logo. Marketers must ensure that the colors should not be too dull or aggressive. You see, the middle ground proves to be best every time. 
  • Animation – Marketers must decide their staple animation trick from their first video itself. Be it the series of frames or any interchangeable animations. The smallest detail can also end up inscribed in the minds of the audience. 
  • Narration – Viewers tend to grasp 95% of the content shown through videos. It means that a catchy narration can turn tables for a brand. Using two to three voices consistently in all the videos can significantly impact the brand-building initiative. 

Using Video to Serve Goals

video marketing

It is the right time to start capturing the market with quality video content. Once a brand has established its consistency, it now needs to focus on expanding the video’s usages. The prime motive is creating value for the target customers. It is the turning point where regular brands convert into great brands, and weak brands leave the race. How can you use video marketing for this purpose?

  • Meta Advertising – Have you ever wondered how Meta advertising makes a difference to a brand? You see, marketers can smartly use Meta advertising to diversify their brand reach. It allows them to post mini pre-roll and post-roll ad content between the news feed to attract the audience. 
  • Introductory Videos – A short and crisp introductory video can do wonders for a brand’s image. Giving a 30 seconds intro when the visitors check your website will create a good impression. It will serve as a perfect glimpse of the brand and its vision. 
  • Tutorial Videos – If a brand offers versatile features for its customers, then rolling out interesting tutorial videos can prove to be a smart move. It has dual benefits for the brand; one it creates brand awareness, and secondly generates leads. Consumers will prefer to opt for your brand instead of trying a new one. 
  • Testimonial videos – Marketers cannot find a better way to advertise than having satisfied customers into it. Organizing a show wherein the actual customers will come and give their feedback will help build a rock-solid brand. Moreover, happy customers and their positive words will multiply brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. 


These were some simple steps that will help you in building a great brand. You must always remember that the video is just a piece of the overall puzzle. There are many more things that will contribute to making a memorable brand. Marketers must try all the options available on a free video editor and select the best mix to lead to consumer acquisition and higher conversions for them. 

Brands must also prevent themselves from getting exhausted or overwhelmed over failures. They must never stop experimenting and learning from their mistakes. Planning, implementing, and evaluating are the keys to success here. 

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