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Mastering Your Mac With These Great Tips


A Macbook is different from a computer that runs on the Windows OS. It might be a bit shocking to find yourself with something that you are not that good at, especially if you have been using computers for the majority of your life.

mastering your mac
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There is absolutely no need to feel down about any of this. Just like any other piece of technology, Macbook also takes some time getting used to it. Of course, this amount of time depends entirely on the person behind the screen, but everybody has to start with what they have.

One of the best methods to get better much quicker than the rest would be taking a proactive approach and learning about certain features you would not discover until later. 

These tips will do wonders for everyone who wants to become a Macbook master and make the most out of what the computer has to offer. So be sure to continue reading.


You can either take a screenshot of an entire screen by pressing command + shift + 3. At the same time, if you are interested in snapping a particular part, use the same combination but replace 3 with 4. 

Fixing The Performance Problem

mastering your mac
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There may be some instances when you begin to notice that your Macbook does not perform as great as it used to at first. A number of reasons could be behind this problem. MacPaw has a great article on how to fix the problem, so if you ever run into this problem, make sure to read that article. There will be no need to looking for answers on Google about having mac slow down because everything will be in the same. 

Renaming Multiple Files

Nobody will deny that having to rename multiple files is tedious work. For instance, if you have taken hundreds of pictures on your last vacation and copied them from your camera, you have a challenge in front of you.

Thankfully, Macbook eliminates this by giving you the option of renaming multiple items at once. All you need to do is select all the files you want to rename and click Rename. You will have a window pop up and get to choose whichever option you feel to be the best.

Running Windows

The most hardcore Apple fans will tell you that it would be a travesty to ever try to get Windows working on a Macbook, but here we are. If you are looking for efficiency more than anything else and believe that certain, exclusive to Windows, would benefit you, then, by all means, go for it and do not bother with what others are saying.

Adding A Signature

mastering your mac
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Having to download a document, printing it, signing it with a hand, and finally scanning back to the computer is pain and everyone who has to do this multiple times throughout the day knows that. Luckily, Macbook gives you an option to create a digital signature and solve the problem.

Open any document via Preview, click the pen icon and select the option to create a signature. Once you have done that, any time you open a new document, there will be a preview of your signature that can be used on documents. Be part of the future, save some paper and your time. 


Texting is a lot of fun, and younger people really love to put emojis whenever they have a chance for that. Be it social media or a group chat, emojis are important for them. Character Viewer is an application that gives you access to all available emojis.

Control Alt Delete

If you want to force shut a task, using the control + alt + delete combination does not work. You will need to remember a new one – command + option + escape. 


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If you encounter a lot of words and fail to comprehend their meaning, a dictionary or a search on the internet are the two usual options. However, mac OS has a reference tool that allows you to select the word. Once selected press command + control + D keys. A definition will pop up, giving you more info than you need.


Like most computers, Macbook also has its own anti-virus software. It helps to have something like that if you are connected to public Wi-Fi. Make sure that you do not end up with malware. Otherwise, things will become much more complicated.


The spotlight should be one of those apps that more people use. It works as a calculator, unit converter, and it will even tell you the weather.

Screen Recording

In some cases, you may want to record your screen. QuickTime is the go-to application and it is something you will find on every Macbook. Open the app, click File and select New Recording. 

So to sum everything up, the tips above will definitely help everyone who is looking to become more accustomed to their Macbook. And the more of them you take for yourself, the sooner and better you will get.

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