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How to Generate A Name For Your Boutique’s Website

How to Generate A Name For Your Boutique's Website

The name of your boutique will create the first impression on your target audience. And when you’re choosing a name you want to remember that you choose one that’s perfect from the start. But that’s easier said than done for most boutique owners because where should you start? You want it to be great but how do you ensure that it’s as good as you think it is? While you can use a website name generator to do that there are a few more tips that you want to keep in mind before you select a name for your boutique.

Tips To Generate A Boutique Name

The following are some important tips that can help you come up with a good name. You can keep this in mind even when you’re using a website name generator.

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and this holds true when it comes to picking a name as well. You want the name to be simple enough that people can recall it with ease but you want it to be distinct so people remember it for a long time.
  • You want to stand out from the other boutiques that are already well-established. This is why you want your boutique’s name to truly resonate with your brand. You want them to be able to connect to your brand which means the name should be easy to say and hear.

Your aim should be to connect with people.

  • You should always choose a name that people immediately understand. Your boutique’s name should be such that people can instantly know what you sell exactly. This is why being generic is not a good idea unless you’re going to sell all types of clothing.
  • Who is stopping you from contacting the experts? Sometimes the best ideas come from other people and that’s okay. You can get an expert’s opinion which can get your creative juices flowing. Ask them about what can work and you can then think of new and fresh boutique names you love.
  • You want people to feel relatable to you. As a boutique you want them to feel like you understand them which is why you want to have a name that’s interesting and that brings a smile to people’s faces. Since there’s a specific audience you want to cater to, make that clear.
  • You should never choose something solely because it’s trendy. What is trendy now will not always be a trend. You need to think of the future and how the name will still be relevant in the future as well as the present.
  • You should not zero in on one because later you might realize it has already been taken by another boutique. This is why choosing a range of names, maybe about five, is a safe bet. If one doesn’t work then you always have the other backup names that you can use.
  • What’s better than getting feedback from people regarding your boutique’s name? You will be able to get insights and this can help you become more creative as well. You can ask feedback from your colleagues or your loved ones and they can even give you some suggestions with regards to the name.

Get suggestions from people to check how the name works.

  • It’s important that you have a vision for your business. Do you have a plan to expand and include more in the future? You want to keep your vision in mind when you’re thinking of a name for your boutique.
  • You should make use of all the resources that you have access to. This means you should use Google, thesaurus, images, and all other Internet resources to inspire you for your boutique’s name. This can help you come up with some of the best names.
  • If you’re willing to invest then you can even hold a contest and give cash as prize money. This allows people to get an incentive which means they will come up with some creative names for your boutique that you can then use. Don’t forget to check for domain availability and social media handles availability.

Shopify’s website name generator is one of the best ways in which you can get a list of names that you can select from. All you need to think of is one word that you want your boutique’s name to be. You will get a list of 100 boutique names that you can then select from. 

You can use Shopify’s free business name generator tool to find the right name for your business 

The Shopify website name generator advantage is that you can check whether the domain is available for the chosen name or not. With a few simple steps, you will be able to register your boutique’s name and trademark it so that no one else can infringe upon it.

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