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Business Cards – Design Yourself or Hire a Professional

Business Cards

Many companies, especially small to medium-sized businesses, work hard to grow their business and gain more profits. Because of this, CEOs and business owners feel like they don’t have time to waste, especially when it comes to thinking about business card ideas. Also, many of these business leaders may think that business cards are no more important than a business logo, but business cards are so much more than that even today among the technology and social media era.

Importance of Having Quality Business Cards

Business cards go beyond just business representation as a logo. It goes beyond having the business name and the contact information which, by the way, is still important. The contact information includes the address, email address, telephone number, and the URL. So, prospects will have your business information.

However, business cards are also a good marketing tool that displays your brand’s professionalism and its identity. And these cards enhance your business legitimacy. In fact, these cards encompass your brand’s message.

These cards are part of your first impression. Potential customers will be able to see more of what your company is more about.

Business cards are so much more than even today among all the technology and social media era. It can definitely be a great marketing tool.

Different Types of Business Cards

Because business cards are still very important today, it should not be considered some outdated, antiquated tool that is used to identify as a logo. It’s imperative to consider what type of business card is needed to better represent your company. With this said, the following includes amazing business card ideas.

Classic and Simple

Perfect for a consultant, this card type uses an eye-catching image and of course, will have your company’s contact info.

Interactive Art

You can be so creative, such as having a business card that folds into a 3D piano.

Hidden Depths

A creative company, like a photographer or another type of business, can design a card that can be a mini brochure, for instance. You also can have this type of business card to shape into a boat, car, or other.

QR Code

Having QR codes on your business card will be an easier way of getting visitors to your site. The QR codes are usually located on the back of the card. Consumers can scan the QR code by using their smartphone camera. When doing this, they will go to a specific site.


Embossed cards are also known as letterpress business cards. The text is raised up to give an embossed appearance. If you like, you can also get debossed cards in which the letters are sunken in the card. These cards can be great for a business owner into coding or website design.

Laser Cut

Laser-cut business cards are a great example of cars that look different than other business cards. There are several options to choose from with the laser-cut make. This card will be spectacular for designers.

Varnished Cards

In addition to the classic cards, the varnished cards are one of the oldest methods. These business cards are shiny and pretty. These cards will be as glossy as a professional magazine. And if you like, you can mix and match using both non-glossy and glossy cards. These types of cards are wonderful for a publisher. With these cards, you will show the potential customer how well the final product of a book will look.

3D Printed

You can now print your own cards at home now. You can even have 3D printers at home to create very creative business cards. There will normally be tutorials available given by the printer’s manufacturer. Many sites and videos on YouTube will also give you instructions on how to create and print your cards on the 3D printer.


It may not be easy to design, but taking the time and effort to create business cards is really worth it. Using interactive art to turn your business card into a great representation for your company will go a long way for your company.

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