Tuesday, August 9, 2022

4 Signs Of Water Damage In Your House

water damage

Water damage, if not checked, can cause serious problems including the growth of mold and diseases in your home, as well as cause structural damage. According to Service Master Restoration by Zaba, it is possible to spot signs of water damage in your house early to find solutions to the problem. Water damage spreads quickly and worsens if you do not find professional help. If it’s a burst water pipe or other obvious water damage you may easily identify the problem and seek help from water damage restoration companies. But in other instances where the water damage is gradual, you should watch out for the signs below.

Here are 4 Signs of water damage in your house;

1.    Smell

One way to identify water damage in your home is a change of smell. If you notice a musty smell in any of the rooms in your home, you may review the plumbing system in your house. You may also call a plumber or professionals in water damage solutions for help. They can help you with repairs that will help to prevent further water damage. You will notice the distinct dampness or mold smell in case of water damage in your home. But it is also good to watch out for other signs to be sure of the problem so that you can get the appropriate solution.

2.    Coldness And Pooling Water

Water damage

If you notice that your home has suddenly become colder, and it takes more time to heat up, it is a sign that there could be water damage on the walls. More heat is needed to dry the moisture. Increased water and electricity bills could also signify water damage. Sometimes you will notice water pooling on the floors or walls even after wiping several times per day. You should have such unusual water puddles checked to ensure that repairs are done early to prevent further damage to the walls and floors.

3.    Sound

Unusual sounds in your home could be a sign of water damage. Creaking sounds, dripping, or the sound of rushing water could be signs of water damage. But you should be worried if there is a change in the sounds because even functional plumbing systems may produce such sounds.

4.    Discoloration And Mold Growth

water damage

In some instances, you will find water streaks running down the walls of your home. In case the gutter has burst, the water will drip down the walls which could be a sign that plumbing systems are damaged. You can trace the source of water damage by checking the water streak. Always check your home for watermarks, and if you suspect water damage, seek professional help from a water damage restoration company. Mold is also common in areas experiencing water damage. Mold may be white or black. If you see any signs of mold growth, seek help to repair and get rid of the mold. Mold causes serious health problems including allergies, nausea, and flu-like symptoms among others.

With proper plumbing systems installation, water damage will be minimal. It is also good to ensure that the plumbing systems maintenance is done regularly, and in case of repairs, seek professional help immediately.

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