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Software Development Trends in 2021

Software development

A successful IT development company necessarily considers market trends. Software development trends reflect the needs of businesses and society as a whole. In partnership with their business peers, IT leaders create and improve digital business models, develop a culture that is driven by experimentation and the use of technology and information to create a competitive advantage.

There are five software technology trends of 2021 that will influence how CIOs and CIOs formulate strategies, priorities, and roadmaps. They are the ones who will help their companies succeed. To develop a personalized strategy, you can apply for software development consulting.

Progressive Web Applications

Software development
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Progressive mobile apps are the product of the joint evolution of a mobile site and a native app. Simply put, a hybrid that has absorbed the best from its predecessors. Now the ease of installing and opening a mobile site and the functionality of the native application (push notifications, gps navigation and other native functions) have become a single whole.

Both customers and users benefit from this technology. Such an application can be developed several times cheaper and faster than a native one, which opens up many new opportunities for small companies.

For users, the advantages are no less significant: it does not take up space in the phone’s memory, there is no need to download the application from stores.

One of the most important advantages of PWA over native apps is the absence of an intermediary in the form of App Store and Google Play. The technology of progressive web applications completely eliminates this superfluous link.

The lack of app stores for developers means they no longer need to follow established rules and policies from Apple and Google, and for users, an easier installation process. To open a PWA, just go to the company’s website from a mobile device, and the linked web application will open automatically. In this case, you can install the icon of such an application on the phone screen. To do this, in the automatically opened dialog box, you need to agree with the installation.

Low-Code Development

Low-code platforms have been around for decades, but now they have acquired strategic importance. In 2021, digital leaders will increasingly use a combination of such technologies, automation of remote business processes and integration. They will do this to improve customer service and improve employee comfort.

Low-code platforms will not only help organizations modernize existing applications and move more workloads to the cloud, but also enable them to do so with less software development, cloud architecture, and DevOps resources that are still difficult to find.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Software development
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Mixed reality is also called hybrid and is a model of world perception in which the real and virtual worlds are combined. This model is also called mixed reality or abbreviated MR, which reflects the main distinctive feature: the real and virtual worlds are mixed, they cannot be clearly distinguished.

Often, terms and abbreviations such as MR, VR, AR are confused with each other and used as synonyms, although in fact there are a number of characteristic features by which different “types” of reality can be easily distinguished from each other:

• The real world is an objective reality, not augmented by artificial technologies.

• Virtual reality, VR is a subjective, fake world created with screens, holograms, and other artificial means.

• Augmented reality, AR is a digitized real world with hints, holograms, and other objects superimposed on top of it. This is a virtual world that is built on the basis of the real and obeys it in everything.

• Finally, mixed reality applications differ from AR in that virtual objects in them are able to affect the real world, and not only obey it.

With the help of MR, it is possible to conduct simulation-based training, military training without increased risks. Also, the development of applications in this area is aimed at creating an interactive environment with the full inclusion of virtual objects in reality, using such objects for commercial, developmental, and entertainment purposes.

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