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Mobile App Testing Strategies to Use When Doing Mobile Testing

Mobile App Testing Strategies to Use When Doing Mobile Testing

It is more challenging to test a mobile application especially when you would compare it to testing web applications. There are just so many factors that can change the overall performance of the application. For example, apps may perform differently on various smartphone versions. The screen size may also affect how well the app will perform. If you are creating your own app, you should be aware of the different factors.

App testing will always be a challenge so you need to be aware of the different strategies so that the process can become easier for you. What are the different mobile app testing strategies that you need to be familiar with? As Android app developers, you should definitely know the right strategies to use.

OS Version Testing

OS Version Testing

There are different types of OS that are available right now but the most common have to be IOS and Android. Testing applications will not be hard if there is only one version available for both IOS and Android. The problem is, there are different versions that are available from the oldest version to the latest one. Will your app work in all of the versions? Most apps aim to perform well in most versions depending on the features that the app can offer.

Android may have more versions as compared to IOS. This can make the testing process so much more complicated for you. It can be a problem when you have to test all of the versions but if you want to be sure, you need to do it one by one. After testing, you can list down on your app description if your app would not be compatible with certain IOS and Android versions.

Device Testing

You can just take a look at the number of devices that are available. You are probably going to feel shocked when you see the number of devices that are available. It will be wise to focus on one brand first. Check out all of the phones that they can offer. Sometimes, it will be easier to look a the various screen sizes as the performance may somewhat be the same depending on the screen size.

It will be impossible to come up with an app that will be optimized to work for all types of devices. The best thing that you can do is to come up with some standard versions that can be used by different people. Create a list of the devices that your app will be able to support. Doing this will help save people the trouble of downloading your app only to realize that it is not compatible with their device.

Network Connectivity

Network Connectivity
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Does your app require to be connected to the internet when it is being used? There are still some people who are searching for online apps especially when it comes to games. Yet, there are some apps that will just not work when they are not connected to the internet. For example, you may have an app that will allow people to see the clinics and hospitals that are near them. How can your app provide the information that they need when their internet and GPS are not turned on? 

You should test the app that you are creating on different network speeds. Some people would only get 1G internet. Most apps will not work at these speeds. The application will also work differently when it is connected through mobile data and through WiFi. You should also test how the app will work when the user is using a 4G connection that would suddenly switch to 1G.

Interrupt Testing

A lot of first-time app makers may not even think about this when they are designing and creating their own apps. This is the type of testing that you have to do when the app that is being used becomes interrupted because of various reasons. For example, the user may be using an app. It can be a gaming app when suddenly, it would receive a call. What will happen to the app? Will it automatically pause the game? Will the game continue? The answer to this will become available after the testing process.

This type of testing is considered to be one of the most important things that app creators and developers should do. Yet, most people fail to do this. It is your duty to ensure that you will have an app that will be very useful for people and will work according to the conditions that they want. Can you imagine if your game would still keep on going even when the person receives a phone call? This can be frustrating to the user. 

Security Testing

This is obviously another testing that you have to do before you release your app to the public. If you would have horrifying stats, you should not release your app to the public. It might only end up endangering people who would be using your app. You should check if the flow of data will not be interrupted. You should see if the flow of data is working properly and where the data will be stored. 

It is also important that the data that will be shared with you by the users through the app will not leak. Data leakage is a serious problem that will affect a lot of users and the security of the app. If people cannot trust you, they would not want to use your app anymore.

It will be easy to say that you will just do app testing whenever you want to. This is not true at all. You should do app testing with the help of even before you release your app to the public. The more that you do this, the better that it will be for your app. It is possible to release an app that is bug-free to users to a certain extent. App testing may not be something that you can do on your own. Seek the help of people who will know what to do.

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