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5 Tips for Integrating Your Offline and Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

With each passing year, more and more emphasis is put on the digital marketing world. Even though you’re probably still receiving tons of direct mail at home, companies are putting the majority of their time and effort towards digital marketing.

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Overall, that’s the right decision. Digital marketing lets you track customer behavior, form up analytics, and offer personal discounts or coupons to returning customers. It’s a rapidly changing industry that will probably look different in ten years time. 

But this doesn’t mean you should be abandoning your offline marketing efforts. There are still plenty of effective marketing techniques that have found their place away from an internet connection and your computer. 

Today, we’re going to browse through five tips on how you can better integrate your online and offline marketing strategies.

Have Ad Campaigns Start and End in Different Places

When developing campaigns, you always want to encourage the consumer to do something. This is called a CTA, or call-to-action. You may find many CTAs through emails or social media posts.

Not all of these CTAs have to be in online areas, and some can appear in print media or on other literature like business cards. Direct consumers to your social media page or website in an effort to drive up traffic.

Run a Promotion

Those who say they don’t like winning a contest or receiving something for free are lying through their teeth. Everyone likes winning something! 

In order to collect consumer information, have them fill out a contact card in the store. For filling out their information, they can receive a small discount or promotional item.That way, both offline and online marketing methods are interacting with each other. 

You’re able to collect customer contact information for future emailing efforts while using offline means as an incentive.

Bring on the Testimonials and Reviews

Think about the last time you wanted to find a restaurant in your area. You recently heard about a new sushi restaurant downtown, but had never been. So what did you do? Off to Google to check out the reviews!

Reviews and testimonials are incredibly important for any business and they’re a great way to have your offline and online marketing methods interact. Have people leave reviews either on the store or online and use them in your next ad campaign.

You can take an online review and post it on print or vice versa. Plus, it’s always pretty fun for customers to see their name representing a business. It might not be a red carpet moment, but they can still feel like a celebrity endorser.

Use Data to Organize Your Store

Digital marketing has become so valuable because of the data that can be collected, all by a consumer visiting a website for a few moments. You should be using that data to optimize your website, but why not also use it to optimize your store?

If you’re noticing customers are purchasing certain items together, why not bundle those together? Use your data in order to offer consumers the best and most enticing deals. Think about rearranging your store to be attractive to customers walking through the storefront as well. 

Encourage Users to Use Social Media

Social Media
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Well, they may not need that much of a push at all! With over half the world using some kind of social media platform, pretty much everyone has Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on their phones.

If you’ve ever been to a professional sporting event, many teams will run a fun gimmick on the scoreboard where fans will post selfies of them at the game. You should be using the same strategy for your business.

If you run a workshop, promotion, sale, etc., have consumers upload a selfie or photo with their recent purchase or experience. You can offer a small incentive for them doing so, but for you it’s almost free advertising.

Their posts are bound to be viewed by plenty of people and while it may be hard to track, you can guarantee there’s going to be a lot of brand exposure for your business.  While you’re at it, try to think of a hashtag you can use in order to be able to see how many people are posting.

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