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Top 6 Things That You Can Do With An Amazon Firestick

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One of the big innovations in the entertainment services is the Amazon Firestick. An Amazon firestick is a device that looks very much like a large USB, connected to your TV’s HDMI port, which provides you with streaming services by converting your normal Television into a Smart TV. Here are some of the amazing things you can do using it.

Third-party Apps Downloading

This is the best facility you can get over a firestick service. The downloader feature in the device will allow you to download apps unavailable on the amazon store. The only thing you will require is the URL to the app and you can download and install the apk. These apps can be android suiting so you can have an enlarged experience of them using the Firestick. For more information on suitable apps, you can visit Firestick Master.

Use The Amazon Fire Tv App To Control Your Amazon Fire Stick

 Tv App
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In case you feel remote control to be a hassle, you can use your smartphone to get comfortable control over your Firestick. For this, you can install the amazon fire TV official app from the play store, designed officially to help you control your device using your smartphone. This app becomes very helpful in situations where you lose your remote, damage it, or have the batteries dead without an additional pair. Also, using this feature can enlarge the accessibility area for your TV and you can control the content by sitting in other rooms too.

Do Mirroring Of Your Ios/android Phone Or Laptop Device

You can enjoy the wonderful features of a Smart TV like mirroring on your normal Television using a firestick device. For this purpose, you have to download the Air Screen app from the Amazon App Store that is designed for mirroring tasks.

Using VPN Services

VPN services are pretty much required these days for streaming and other services. This is because of the rising privacy and security concerns over the internet. A VPN service hides your IP and secures your network stream from intrusion. Firestick device also allows you protection while you stream your content by providing you with the installation of your preferred VPN service from a set of available options.

Helping To Use The Bluetooth Devices

One of the most obvious but forgotten things coming with firesticks is that it allows you to use Bluetooth devices to have access and control. You can use the Bluetooth feature for connecting wireless speakers, mouse, keyboards, joysticks, etc. This feature is especially a utility for people who value the privacy and peace of other people around by using wireless headphones while getting their dose of entertainment.

Attaching a USB Port

The firestick device comes with a plug-in slot for power that can be used for USB and hard-drive plug-in occasionally. This feature is helpful for those buffs who like to dive into their collections, memories, and entertainment stuff frequently instead of going over the web for newer stuff.

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