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Why do you need compatibility testing?


It’s time to understand the significance and importance of compatibility testing services. There is a number of components present in the testing application except for the quality and performance. These components are important to test the effectiveness and popularity of the web application.

Compatibility is one of the vital features of the application to make it perfect for all the users. With the compatibility test, a test engineer is capable of testing the application for the various devices and platforms. This technique is used to validate the functional as well as non-functional modules of the web application. The testing process is capable of testing the application on various hardware platforms, operating systems, users, devices, browsers, etc.

The following are the various reasons which help you to figure out why you should consider the compatibility testing for your applications.

1: Compatibility testing is necessary

The very first thing you need to know is that it is very important to plan and execute the compatibility testing. Yes, you need to add test cycle at the end of the software development life cycle. It will increase the testing time, efforts, and testing money, but you will get lots of benefits from the testing procedure. It provides the best chances to evaluate the web application properly to determine the speed and other aspects of the design in the way to provide the customers with the best designing experience.

2: Never neglect the compatibility testing

The test engineers these days neglect the process because they think that it is not worthy for the website. Whenever a design is created, it is very important to test the design compatibility and efficiency with the various web browsers. If you will be able to test the compatibility of the web application with the different environments and operating system. If you neglect this thing, then you will never be able to provide your customers with the best user experience. Your website will crash in the different devices and environment. Also, its design distorts, and the user will never come back to the web application with bad functionality and design. It is believed by the experts that customers impressed from the design of the application then they go to the functionalities and features and if your design is not up to the mark, then you will not be able to impress the customers.

3: Compatibility test and Agile

You need to test the website to check whether the product is agile or not. This is one of the most important things for which the product has to be tested. Planning of cross-browser testing process completely dependent upon the factors like the experience of the developer, experience of the testing team, methods of the compatibility testing, and many more. One of the scrums to make the related compatibility test is according to the testing scope of the sprint that also means that you need to plan the way ahead and configure the necessary resources you need to make the process possible. The following are the various scope factors for general compatibility testing.

  •    It is helpful to check hardware compatibility.
  •    A test engineer can check the network, bandwidth, and carrier compatibility.
  •    It is helpful to check the peripheral, system, devices, and software environment compatibility.
  •    It is helpful to experience the user experience in advance.

There may be more factors to test the application, but these are most of the common ones. So, never neglect the compatibility testing because by doing so, you are neglecting so many factors of the website or web application.

4: Testing requires fully equipped laboratories

Compatibility testing process is one of the complex testing processes. Nobody can tell which tool to use for testing. It is completely reliant on the test engineer’s testing experience. And also it depends upon the requirements of the products which is to be tested. You need to set up a testing laboratory to simulate the various real-time reactions of the end users in different environments like devices, operating systems, browsers, servers, laptops, etc. Every user is not using the same device to access the web application; this is the reason why this test is important. The laboratory should contain various devices and system environments to test the web application.

5: Make it possible to target the absolute coverage

These days everybody thinks that they are designing and developing the application for the young generation, but this is not a complete truth. You need to understand that there are some old users as well as who are using the older versions of operating systems and browsers. You need to make the application which will be compatible with the various versions of the operating systems, browsers, and other software. If your application has some specific boundaries for its usage, then first you need to figure out which are the various browsers and software with which they are compatible along with their versions. Then release a compatibility policy to let the people know various conditions to use the software to make it easy for the users.


Web applications cannot be ignored with the introduction of computers and mobile phones. These devices became an integral part of the lifestyle of human beings. This is the reason why you need to perform the compatibility testing processes to ensure that the web application will work in all the browsing conditions and environment. It is important to check the compatibility with the latest versions of the browsers, but a test engineer should not neglect the previous versions of the browsers. They also need to update the application with the update in the browsers according to their compatibility policies. Also, try to make simple and effective designs to lessen the cost and efforts of this extra testing procedure.

If you ignore the importance of compatibility test, then you may lose most of your potential customers because they may have a bad user experience. So, it is advisable for you to make the decisions wisely.  

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