What We Need in TES: VI

What We Need in TESVI

The Elder Scroll series is well-known to gamers as it is arguably the most loved RPG series of all time. It has enjoyed a rich history of games, spanning back to the nineties. In fact, it is hard to think of a more popular series than The Elder Scrolls when it comes to an immersive, open-world RPG. There is a reason why The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a place on the bestselling games of all-time list, such is the quality of the game. However, veterans of the game will know that it is not without its faults, as nothing is ever perfect.

While Skyrim proved to be a game that defined a generation and revolutionised the RPG genre, it still had its issues that annoyed many who played it. Though these were masked by the pure fun that people ended up having with the game, they are still problems that need addressing before the newest instalment comes out. However, when it comes to identifying and fixing problems in video games, Bethesda, the creators, and developers of The Elder Scrolls, are notoriously bad at doing this. In fact, there are many issues still present in the game that existed at launch. It is clear that Bethesda will need to improve on this reputation if they hope The Elder Scrolls VI to be the game that players are expecting it to be.

When it comes to TES, the series simply provides a feeling that no other open-world game manages to match. Everybody loves GTA V as it is an open-world that gives players a massive amount of freedom. They can even go to an in-game casino, though players who want the real thing can upgrade and play at to win real money. All Bethesda needs to do is continue giving players this unique feeling that characterises TES while improving upon the problems that already exist.

Better Voice Acting – While the quality of the voice actors cannot be denied, it will soon become evident to new players that Bethesda hired very few voice actors to fulfil the roles of all of Skyrim’s NPCs. While there is only one voice actor for some unique NPCs, players will find that the same voice is shared by different NPCs across the world, at the cost of immersion.

Better Combat – Skyrim had very simple combat compared to other TES games and other RPGs in general. This was intentional as it appealed to a mainstream audience but adding in a more complex combat system for the newest game will add more depth to the game and make it more enjoyable to play.

More Content – Anyone who has used mods will know that Skyrim is barebones compared to having a lengthy list of mods installed. A game that has the kind of content that a modded Skyrim has would be one that would go down as one of the best of all time. Considering that Skyrim came out in 2011, Bethesda certainly has the time to do exactly this.

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