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Weight Watchers Launches New Program – What are the Key Changes?

Weight Watchers Launches New Program

WW International, formerly known as Weight Watchers, launched a new comprehensive program for those looking to lose weight in 2021. Since many members had complained about changes to the plans after not getting the results they expected, the company came up with a new program, myWW.  

The new program, not only focuses on food, but also includes sleep, activities and mindset. Being a customized weight-loss program that is driven by science and behavioral insights, it offers more flexibility and freedom. If you’re looking to cut off a few pounds it makes losing weight easier.

They infiltrated cleaner, healthy foods into the diet with more options than ever before like some starch-heavy pantry staples that cost less for dieters compared to the previous years. The plans are also designed to prevent most people from overindulging in eggs, chicken, and fish among other high-calorie foods. The food preferences and lifestyle offer each member three comprehensive ways to choose from that will lead to visible and significant weight loss and reduced hunger and cravings.

What it’s Comprised of

The new myWW program has 3 plans to choose from, all of which are scientifically proven to promote weight loss and nutrition. There are no foods that are off-limits on myWW. The 3 plans go by colors, Blue, Green, and Purple.

Each plan has customized recipes and content combined with activity recommendations and mindset skills. All these have been scientifically proven to work and are actionable and practical to use. According to their Chief Scientist, the science-based customized approaches allow greater engagement and bring more visible change compared to generic approaches. With the new myWW program you can live your life and still lose weight as long as you’re matched to the right plan that is flexible for you.

Blue Plan: A WW Freestyle plan with Freestyle Smartpoints. It has over 200+ zero point foods to build meals around, with a minimum of 23 daily points and a smaller SmartPoints Budget. This, however, varies depending on age, weight, height, and gender. It includes certain lean proteins, non-fat yogurt, eggs and beans.

Green Plan: Focuses on 100+ ZeroPoint foods like fruits and veggies which will be zero points, but only if they are fresh/frozen with no added sugar, syrup, etc. The vegetables and fruits can be regularly incorporated into your meals, helping you find satiating and wholesome staples. On a daily basis, you are allowed a minimum amount of 30 Smartpoints and you will have to track everything you consume besides those fruits and veggies. The ZeroPoint food is the largest SmartPoints Budget. However, you’ll need to frequently log your meals on the WW app so as to monitor and maintain your progress.

Purple Plan: The plan has a variation of Simply Filling and about the same time as Points +. You will get a list of 300+ zero point foods which is a very modest SmartPoints Budget with a minimum of 16 points a day. In case you decide to eat anything other than the 300 foods, your daily points will be deducted. 

After conducting a six-month clinical trial, the myWW program showed great achievable results among the participants. The proven clinically significant benefits included a 24% decrease in hunger, 8% weight loss, 2% decrease in systolic blood pressure and 7% reduction in overall cravings. The significant reduction in cravings was mostly cravings of high-fat foods, sweets, and fast food fats.

Participants Feedback

Most participants who were asked about the myWW program were very happy with the progress and overall results. They were happy that the plans were flexible since they had no food limitations. They also agreed that the program helps you learn healthy habits for the long term.

Many people often shy off from diets due to the restrictive lifestyle but participants were happy that their lifestyles weren’t affected. They also got to learn new skills to help them lose weight faster and keep weight off.

WW understands the different needs and eating patterns of different people and that what works for one person may not work for another. The new program allows new members to take an evidence-based personal assessment and based on the answers matches them to a plan that works best for them.With the assessment, you can reflect on the foods that you eat, how frequently you eat them, how you prefer to track your diet, fitness among others to find the suitable plan. Being an award-winning app with scientifically proven plans, and the in-person experience you can use the tools, information, and inspiration to achieve your weight goals. You can also receive one-on-one support or guidance and chat 24/7 with a WW Coach, a real and human expert to help you decide on the right plan. Find the details here to get more in-depth information about the program.

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