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Top 6 VR Gaming Titles That Deserve Attention!

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Virtual Reality is going through rapid innovations that only seem to grow bigger and better. When it comes to VR based games, it’s all about the intimate experience you are facilitated to have. Thus to keep gamers interested and coming back for more, companies are trying to create more challenging environments, that have the power to simply pull you into the ‘virtual reality’ and transport you to the digital world. With their out of the world adventures, mind-boggling mysteries, and a potent dose of horror, the following VR titles are bound to make your gaming sessions far more engaging.

Most VR games are relatively new in the market and continue to transform with the passage of time, as the enterprise itself reaches out to unprecedented heights of innovation. With PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, there are many options for you to choose from, and if you have headsets like the Samsung Gear or Google Daydream, you can play these games on any high-end phone or tablet. 

Let’s start our short journey of wonder into the amazing world of VR games:

1. Arizona Sunshine

The storyline of Arizona Sunshine revolves around the basic ‘Zombie survival’ concept in a post-apocalyptic land where you encounter the ‘not yet dead’ trying to eat you alive or still worse trying to turn you into a member of their hordes of rotting flesh eating monsters. This is a first-person shooter game and supports room scale giving you ease of mobility. You wake up to find yourself in a cave, fighting for survival, with zombies attacking you more brutally each time. Since you’re in a desert, you feel more like a rough and tough outlaw with loads of guns and arsenal to keep yourself covered at all times. There is a touch of dark humor attached to the whole setting too while dismembering ugly zombies sure furnishes a good high.

2. Beat Saber 

One of the best PSVR games, Beat Saber, lets you feel the impact of each beat and every move. As it is a rhythm game, it provides you with the ultimate experience of slashing boxes that keep coming at you full of varied beats. With songs playing in the background, you feel like a maestro, who hits every note in strikingly perfect motion. You hold two lightsabers in your hands and keep the slices while steering clear of hurdles that appear in your way, making this a perfect workout solution of sorts too. The selection of songs is somewhat limited but each song has different levels of difficulty in order to keep challenging the gamer to become quicker at striking and surer with their feet. It’s a single player game at the moment but a multiplayer alternative is in the process of development that will also furnish the option of being able to customize the songs. 

Be advised a number of VR titles require a significantly strong internet connection especially for online playability. It is therefore recommended to have a formidable internet connection to enjoy VR at its finest. Be sure to go through your local internet options to choose a bundle offer that suits you the best.

3. Superhot

Another first-person shooter interface. This one allows you full control over time. You move and time moves in that you can take the time to choose your weapons, your style, and your reference points and only when you’re ready, the virtual experience begins. It is one hell of an addictive game and is highly recommended for newbies looking to experience high-end VR gaming. Although, the artistic aspect is rather minimalistic, it never loses its touch. You get to experiment with extreme violent action where every weapon of your choice appears in black and the enemy’s simply in red. For those of you who are intent on gaining gratification through Virtual Reality, this is indeed the game. The controls are absolutely on point and the levels are entirely engaging. All in all Superhot VR makes for an innovative strategy game where you are in absolute control of your destiny.

4. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It is time to be scared, and horrified, and run for your life. Well not really, but this game does have the potential of actually giving you a scare or two. An incredibly tense survival game, it carries a threat at every turn and feels genuinely terrifying. With VR, you get to view the mansion through the protagonist’s eyes – you become his eyes, hands and ears. The visuals are extremely real and the sound is amazing – you fully experience the fear associated with getting attacked and harmed by dark creatures that have gone rabid. You cannot turn away or hide when they come at you – your only solace exists in the form of weapons that you can arm yourself with. This game is highly recommended for cold, snowy and dark winter nights.

5. Job Simulator

With an extremely simple concept, this game is about robots overtaking regular human jobs and we as humans trying to experience how working at a job used to be before that. With so many other simulator games in the market, it may sound mundane and rather too ordinary, but you’re in for a surprise. Those very tasks that generally feel boring become extremely fun when you can call customers chickens and throw anything at them, just because you feel like it. You can take any role – from a cashier at a retail store to an employee at an organization, and get to have the opportunity to kick an ass. The game may feel silly nonetheless it is extremely relaxing and enjoyable not to forget very engaging and suitable for almost everyone. Most objects that appear before you are intractable just like in a real workplace. So if you’re looking for some family fun and a good laugh, make sure to add this to your go-to list of VR games.  

6. Thumper

Essentially a video game, Thumper’s VR version is sure to provide an extremely immersive experience. It is a rhythm-slasher game that keeps the gamer glued to its fast-paced environment. It’s a third person game where you become a beetle in space who’s trying to survive the horrible void and has to face a terrifying hell-monster. Thumper has amazing artwork and an original soundtrack. You get to travel at high velocities and with every new level, the difficulties increase. While hitting notes within time, you have to surpass hurdles and spikes to keep surviving. It is one of the most intense and action packed rhythm games where you cannot lose focus and have to utilize all your senses to survive. This game will beat you, make you sweat and swear, but you will still keep asking for more.

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