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All About Used DSLR Cameras

used dslr

Are you looking to buy a new camera? Well, you can save money by buying a used camera. You will miss out on the feeling of removing something new from the package but a used DSLR will capture great shots just like a new one.

Of course, you need to be careful when buying a used camera just like you would any other used product. First, you need to get your hands on the camera before you exchange money. If it’s not possible, make sure the images and description is detailed.

If you buy your used DSLR camera from, rest assured that we are detailed and honest about the condition or performance of the DSLR. Also, all our used cameras are photographed individually to help you see the condition clearly. Here are a few tips to help you buy a used DSLR without being conned.

used dslr
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1.         Go Old School

Yes, you will save a lot of money by buying a used camera instead of a new one. However, if you buy a second hand camera of the latest model the price is still a little high so you will not save a lot. You might be looking for the newest models in the market because they are stylish and flashy. However, the older models capture spectacular images for a considerably lesser amount. If you are a great photographer, you don’t really need a specific camera to pull off great shots.

2.         Don’t Choose One With A High Shutter Count

Before buying a used camera, you need to consider the shutter count. The shutter is a feature of a camera that moves when a picture is taken. A camera with a lower shutter counts means that it hasn’t been used frequently. A high shutter sound means that camera has been used a lot.

A used camera with a lower shutter count should last longer than one with a high shutter count. Some of the modern DSLRs have a shutter count as high as hundreds of thousands yet they are still in a good working condition. You should be cautious of such a high shutter count and inspect the camera thoroughly before buying it.

Simply put, you need to check the shutter count and other camera features to assess the performance. Don’t forget to check the camera sensor too.

3.         Check The Camera’s Sensor

The most important feature of any camera is the sensor. That’s because it determines the depth of field, size, image resolution, dynamic range and the size of the camera. DSLR camera sensors are vulnerable to damage since changing lenses leaves room for dust to get on the surface.

When buying a second-hand DSLR camera, most people forget to check the sensor because it needs a keen eye. Well, if you want the best second-hand DSLR camera, you should check the sensor carefully. You can do this by shining a light on it and check for scratches, dead pixels or marks.

It’s easy to fix any minor damage without affecting the overall image quality. A huge red flag is finding fungus on the surface of the sensor. Removing fungus from your camera can be disheartening so if you find it, don’t waste your money on the used camera.

As a rule of thumb, you should inspect the camera carefully to avoid any disappointments later. Remember, just because you are saving a lot of money buying a used DSLR camera, it still means that you will be spending something. It would be a loss if that money was spent on a camera whose sensor has fungus or is damaged beyond repair.

4.         Don’t Forget To Check The Lens (Lenses)

used dslr
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If the DSLR camera has a lens, you need to check the performance and condition. Here, you need to check for minor marks and scratches that can be easily repaired. However, if you find fungus on the lens that is a huge deal breaker so don’t waste your money.

Also, you need to consider how many lenses the seller has used. If the previous user changed the lenses too many times, it’s a huge chance there is a lot of dust or debris inside affecting the lens or the sensor.

5.         Are Accessories Included?

Now that you have checked the lens, the sensor and the body and confirmed they are in good condition. However, you need to check the accessories that come with the DSLR cameras. Note that these accessories are vital to the camera’s operation.

Check whether the battery is present as well as the charger. Also, make sure that they are both in the best condition. Other accessories such as lens caps, battery grips or lens hoods might also be included. If they are, you need to check their condition. If possible, ask the seller if they have the original box that the camera arrived in to confirm the accessories present.

6.         Get A Warranty

If you want some peace of mind, you need to get a warranty for the used DSLR camera. In most cases, the warranty might have been voided or expired. However, the best-used camera store will offer some type of protection in the event that anything goes wrong. Also, you might get a trade-in for your old camera so you will end up saving money. Take your time to find a good and reputable used camera store or seller to avoid being conned.

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