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Use of Custom USB Drives in Outdoor Festivals and Wooden USB Trends

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A USB Flash drive is commonly known by many different names, for example, USB drives, Pen drive, thumb drive, etc.  The small device offers an excellent way to share photos, music, document, and other files. A flash drive is a miniature hard drive. You can connect custom USB drives to your computer using the in-build USB ports. Nowadays, laptops and computer have 2-3 USB ports, which mean you can easily connect more than one USB drive to your system. The change of USB technology offers enough storage capacity – today you can buy a 1TB USB drive at budget-price.

“In comparison to other hard drive and storage system – USB drives are relatively inexpensive.”

Moreover, they are reusable, reliable, compact, and durable. A USB drive or a USB flash drive is easy-to-use. The devices work on plug-n-play mechanism. To put it, in other words, you don’t require any software installation to use a USB drive in addition to this, there a massive number of benefits of using a USB drive. 

Quick Tip: DJ’s can carry their music in USB drive to any outdoor festivals 

Here is step by step instruction to transfer your files:-

  1. Connect your flash drive into your computer USB port
  2. Next, you may get a prompt of ‘Auto Play.’ 
  3. Click on Open folder to view files
  4. You can also locate your content by double-clicking the drive 
  5. Next, open the destination location
  6. Select the files from source destination and drag it to the destination folder
  7. Otherwise, you can choose the files, and then use Ctrl+C to copy
  8. Now paste the file in destination folder using Ctrl + V 
  9. Once done, you can safely remove the files. 

Here is 7 top-ranked cool used of a USB drives:

  1. Set-Up Linux:- First thing first, many people still do not know about this but you can carry a Linux operating system in a USB drive. It is a simple, easy and straightforward way to carry a portable operating system. You can easily run Ubuntu and Kali from a custom USB drive.
  2. Carry your Files: Whether it is an outdoor music festival or state fair – you can easily carry your music, files, and other presentation. Using a portable USB Flash Drive, it becomes convenient to carry data and files. 
  3. Plan Your Trip: It is possible to plan your trip content, for example, photos, and video in a drive.  You can even carry maps of the places in your drive and use it on the go. 
  4. Clean up Viruses: Next, a portable USB drive can help in carrying anti-virus. With a handy anti-virus, you can clean up and devices, for example, laptops or computers. 
  5. Make a recovery: Since the mobile device is built on software as we as hardware – they are prone to failure. Also, water damage is one of the biggest causes of a hard drive failure. It is highly recommended to make a recovery or back-up in a USB drive so that you can easily restore your files and documents – even after a failure. 
  6. Boost Your Speed: You can USB to increase the RAM of your computer and laptop? Increase RAM will help in faster processing and overall increased performance. 
  7. Corporate Advantage: There are a lot of benefits of using USB in the corporate environment. For a start, you can use the drives for presentation. Next, use the drive for giveaways. Also, you can use the drive for the onboarding process of new employees. 

The Custom Method for USB Flash Drives:

Custom Printed Flash Drive is one of the most trending ways to get personalized drives. To put in other words, you can get your drive personalized according to your requirement and fashion statement. By using the custom method, you can change the design, colors, material, and desired effect on a drive. You can choose from any printed method and apply it while customizing your USB drive. 

Here is a list of the method to choose from:-

  1. Screen Printing:  This method is based on ‘spot color’ technique, which means you can get an imprint of logo or image on your flash drive. Next, you can apply the color over the drive. Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_printing
  2. Pad Printing: As the name implies – this method uses a pad with the image photographically impose in reverse on it. Next, the pad is pressed on the drive, and the drives get the finishing image. Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pad_printing
  3. Digital Printing: One of the most beneficial methods to take USB to the outdoor festival is by getting a digitally printed drive.  You can get fantastic digital prints on your USB and take your drive to festivals. Nowadays, you can get a wristband USB drive as well – which is a USB drive in the shape of the wristband. Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_printing
The Bottom Line:

Wooden USB Flash Drive customization is a fantastic way to carry music, file, and presentations to outdoor festivals. Furthermore, nowadays, it is easy to buy Wooden USB online and get it personalized. For the festival organizer, there is the opportunity to pre-load the flash memory with information about the events, detail, phone, video, and music from the bands.  Lastly, Wooden USB drives are not limited to festivals -they have a stronger appeal in the corporate. 

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