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How to Travel Like Your Parents


Traveling to a new location gives one a chance to relax, explore, and make remarkable memories. However, it is impossible to enjoy a tour experience entirely with technology. Using devices can be distracting, and you miss out on the actual moments when you are busy trying to capture perfect pictures to post on social media. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your vacation, you should consider traveling like your parents once did. They visited different places without GPS, the Internet, online reservations, or smartphones. Here is how to take a technology-free trip:

1) Planning Your Trip

The first step is to choose a tourist destination if you do not already have one in mind. You can get ideas and necessary information about the place you are going to visit in travel books and magazines. Then write down all the details about your destination, including tour locations, hotels, means of transportation, and contact details. Once you gather all the info that you will need, you should start collecting the essential travel accessories. Since you won’t be using GPS guidance, you need an accurate map and even a compass for directions. It is important to ascertain that you know how to use the map before taking this trip. Other requirements include appropriate clothing and a luggage bag that holds all your items. You will also have to buy your travel ticket at the airport, train, or ship booking station.

2) Accommodation, Tours, and Meals

When traveling like the ’80s, you cannot make a hotel booking in advance. You have to visit the hotels and ask for a room personally. It is ideal to have a list of potential hotels before you travel. You can also ask for recommendations from a travel agency to ensure you get a suitable and safe hotel. For meals, you should try out the local cuisine for a new and diverse taste. Many tourist hotels also offer different meals if you prefer your regular diet. When exploring the destination, you can hire a car or a local driver who is well versed in the area. Your map will help you find the areas you want to visit without getting lost. Some destination requires entrance fees, which you can pay for and have a tour guide.

3) Communicating With Loved Ones

You probably need to let your family and friends about your journey. You can use the hotel’s phone to call them and keep them updated. You can also write letters and postcards, which will get delivered in about two weeks. If you need to use the Internet, you can visit a local internet café. Remember always to log out when using a public computer to keep your information secure.

4) How to Spend Your Off-Time

When you have nothing scheduled, you can spend this time visiting the local markets. You will discover a lot in these markets and get many souvenirs for your loved ones. You can also shop for personal items that are only available in the country or sold cheaper. Besides shopping, you can interact with the locals by attending a local activity or watching a game.

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