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How to Transfer Bitcoins to Monero?


In this technologically sophisticated world, every aspect of life has been partially transferred into virtual reality. This tendency refers to trading, banking, etc. Cryptocurrencies are getting much popularity these days. This tendency is mostly connected with the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized. This means they are not controlled by a single or a group of countries, unlike real currencies. The wide popularity of online vales has given birth to many cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Monero are good examples of such money. Before getting familiar with BTC to MXR exchange, you are welcome to check each of them separately.

What is Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin, which is mostly abbreviated as BTC, was introduced to the public in 2009. It is a digital currency used by many developers or investors. Although many countries do not accept this digital currency, its popularity has never been decreased. It is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies which stimulated the creation of other new ones. Bitcoin, like others, is based on blockchain technology. It indicates all the transactions are done through online platforms. Each block represents a single transaction, and each user may view it. BTC has many ups and downs during its short history; however, it has never lost its importance in the market. The security system is on top, which makes it unlikely to be hacked. This currency may be used to purchase products or services from various users. 

What is Monero? 

Thanks to its high level of privacy assuring features, Monero is considered one of the best cryptocurrencies in this sphere. It was founded in 2014. Thanks to the opaque blockchain operating system, all the transactions done through this platform are anonymous. This means that no one will be able to see the owners’ addresses or other personal information. Using Monero does not presume using special hardware, which facilitates the process. Investors can use their CPUs for each deal. Moreover, this platform highlights the importance of equality between the users. Its developers were not concentrated on earning stakes from this platform but mostly relied on investments and contributions to develop this cryptocurrency. 

How to Exchange Bitcoin to Monero?

 If you want to complete the XEM exchange, complete the following steps. 

  1. In the left dropdown, select BTC coin. On the right downtown, choose MXR, 
  2. Click on the “View All the Offers”
  3. That button will bring up all the conversions from BTC to MXR,
  4. Choose the exchange that matches your preferences, 
  5. Type your MXR wallet address and click on the “Next”
  6. Exchange Bitcoin from the wallet. 
  7. Your transaction will appear on your MXR wallet. 

The steps are quite straightforward, and it may not take a lot of time for you to complete. 

Final words

Both Bitcoin and Monero are popular cryptocurrencies. Each of them has its tangible advantages, which makes them convenient to use for online transactions. In addition, thanks to a high level of security, you may be sure that the details of your transaction will not be revealed to third parties unless you do it on your own. 

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