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Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs PDF Software

pdf software

The old way to manage documents was based on printing and arranging papers in folders. Modern businesses, however, tend to rely more and more on digital document management and PDF software in particular. There are endless apps for storing documents on remote secure servers and possibilities to sign them with e-signature, to mention just a few.

If you are still hesitating about whether your business needs PDF software, here are some major reasons to convince you.

Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs PDF Software

pdf software

1. Accessibility. PDF documents can be viewed on PC, tablet, or smartphone alike. It does not make a difference if it’s Windows or Mac, Android or iOS. There is no need to send papers through fax or by post. If you have an Internet connection and PDF software, that is pretty much all you need to share and access digital documents.

2. Easy navigation and search. Whether you need to find the required document in a folder, or you want to skim through a long text to find the exact phrase, any PDF reader software will let you do it fast and efficiently. No more need to be buried up to ears in papers!

3. Interactive content. Modern-day PDF editor software provides an opportunity to integrate numerous interactive features, similar to those of web browsers or mobile applications. Unlike an ink-on-paper document, PDF files can contain elements such as hyperlinks, audio or video clips, file attachments, annotations, etc. It is much easier to impress a business partner with a multimedia PDF proposal than with a simple printed text.

4. Advanced security options. The majority of PDF editor software providers offer tools that ensure the document’s security. For instance, if there is some confidential information, the PDF file can be put under password protection. Moreover, there is often the possibility of encrypting the document with a certificate, thus further protecting the document from any data breach.

5. Branding. The company’s logo, contact details, and other crucial elements of its letterhead are important for making the right impression and building authority. If you have any such template in Word, you can use  Word to PDF converter software and save it as a modifiable PDF template for faster work in the future.

6. Two-level back up. The majority of business owners tend to save both hard and soft copies of the most vital documents. Backing up things is always a good idea. If something happens to the premises, there are digital copies accessible through PDF reader software. Likewise, if something happens to the documents stored digitally, there will be paper copies that can be scanned and OCR’ed again. You can also use PDF to word converter software for improving certain texts or templates.

7. Electronic signature. The contemporary global economy is so international that it may be difficult – at least physically – to manage to meet all partners in different parts of the world to sign agreements with them. In this case, the integration of electronic signatures in PDF reader software can help save tons of time and money, and help your business grow faster.

8. Data integration. It often happens that certain pieces of information are scattered around different files in different formats. For example, you can use a nice collage of the team members in a PowerPoint presentation, a summary of the company’s success in a Word document, and a great graph with your financial performance in an Excel file. By using PDF converter software, you can easily extract all of this data and eventually integrate it into the final PDF document. For instance, there is word to PDF software and other types for each format. In case the required pieces of data are found in different PDF files, you can use PDF merge software to put them together.

9. Easiness to use and share. The best PDF software is always the simplest and the most intuitive one in terms of user experience. Remote teams can also collaborate easily working on the same document via cloud-based PDF software.

10. Document templates. Many PDF software providers offer standard forms for businesses such as a monthly income statement template or a profit and loss template.

Automation of Routine with Pdf Software 

pdf software

The best PDF software automates a significant amount of daily routine. The most popular modifiable forms that businesses use for improving productivity are:

  •  profit and loss statement template – balance between income and expenses for the specific period


The subscription fee of popular one-stop-shop PDF solutions (e.g. Lumin PDF) is quite low compared to all the benefits the best PDF software gives to businesses. This is especially relevant in the times of COVID-19, when work requires smart remote organization, and everyone acknowledges the positive impact of refusing from paper document management.

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