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Top 10 Benefits of Document Scanning Services


The world is moving into a modern era where print documents aren’t necessarily needed. Instead, many companies and services working under hire are scanning in their existing documents into digital form. There are plenty of reasons to join this trend from environmental benefits to personal, business advantages. 

1. Going Green

The dependence on paper in the past has been a rather wasteful practice. If an employee is trying to edit a handwritten report rather than a digital one, the wastebasket by their desk will overfill with wasted paper pretty quickly. In addition, simply throwing away documents rather than being able to delete them on a computer also creates waste. Why we should adopt the going green concept clearly discussed on the Entrepreneur.

U.S. offices use around 12.1 trillion pieces of paper each year. Recycling helps to reduce the damage of just throwing the paper away. However, it doesn’t help with the waste created in the development of the paper. Cutting paper out of the office as much as possible is the best way to go green. 

2. Increased Office Space

When documents are in their physical form, they take up space. Today, it seems like an outdated thought. The image of a small office with boxes overflowing with documents seems like it should belong in an earlier decade like the 1980s. Unfortunately, this problem is very much alive. 

Small businesses, in particular, are at risk for this issue. After all, they typically have limited office space already. It can cut down on this risk to use a document scanning service to cut out paper storage altogether. This allows these businesses to move to smaller offices or dedicate this office space to more useful activities. If clients come into the office, a cleaner and more refined space will leave a better impression as well. This article on the Fast Company will guide you how to make your office space bigger.

3. Better Security

There’s only so much an office can do to protect paper files. At most, a locked file cabinet might be used. This doesn’t always work, and it can be particularly concerning if the documents hold sensitive information. For instance, a small medical office probably doesn’t want files in a place that can be easily accessed. 

When content is digitized, it can be protected easier. With security measures such as passwords, it’s easier to keep documents safe. 

Digital files are also easier to protect physically too. In the worst-case scenario, if documents are faced with a fire, they’re going to burn. Even if an employee trips with a cup of coffee, paper files can be easily damaged. Computer information can be easily retrieved from multiple devices, and it’ll be harder to damage them accidentally. 

4. Quicker Access

If an office has stacks and stacks of paper files, then it’s going to be difficult to find what’s needed when it’s needed. Rifling through stacks of paper or even through a filing cabinet can take time. 

When documents are scanned with a fast document scanning software, they’re easier to filter through quickly. They can be searched and labeled to access in a pinch. This increases the time that employees can spend on other, more profitable activities. 

Additionally, this can lead to better customer service. Customers and clients appreciate it if they can get information on demand. The less they have to wait, the better they’ll rate their service. 

5. Easier to Share and Collaborate

When documents are kept in paper form, they’re harder to share with others. Anyone who remembers the days of faxing papers back and forth can attest to that. With the help of document scanning services, those same documents are easier to share and collaborate on. 

This is especially important in the modern landscape. This is because remote work is becoming more and more common. So, companies need to be able to share documents across large distances quickly. When these files are in digital form, it’s easy to share them through traditional email or across collaboration platforms. Even within a single office, it’s easier to shoot an email to another department rather than carry large, traditional files over. 

6. Availability from Multiple Locations

We’ve already mentioned that it’s handy to be able to back up files and share them across locations. However, with the ability of online cloud services, file owners can access them across devices without necessarily sharing them. 

This is especially helpful if someone does work in the office and at home. This allows the file owners or those with access to the central storage location to work from any computer or device they want. A feature like this can be a huge asset for remote or partially remote workers. It’s also helpful for employees and CEOs that might be away on business but need to access the information on their office computer. 

7. Better Organization

It isn’t uncommon for papers to be misfiled or lost. When it happens, though, it can cause quite a problem. If a company can’t find a file on a client or crucial information, it can lag productivity. Not to mention, if a client asks for something and it isn’t there, they may lose faith that the company can keep their information secure. 

This also comes back to quick access. Organizing documents by file names or tags keep them together until they’re needed. This differs from labeling print documents since there’s less of a chance to make mistakes such a shoving them into the wrong file folder. 

8. Compliance Regulations 

Keeping digital files may also fall under regulatory guidelines for the industry. Specifically, certain industries require businesses operating within it to keep digital and physical files. In these cases, it’s easier to scan in older documents rather than recreating them. 

Working with a document scanning service helps to make these regulations simple to meet. This way, a company isn’t penalized for lack of compliance. It also keeps a company as modern as possible which clients and business partners put a lot of stock into. If another party sees that your business puts its best foot forward and stays on top of industry trends, you’re likely to have more luck in dealing with those parties. 

9. Makes In-Company Research Easier

Anyone who’s been to a library has seen how old digitizing records can make research easier. This can also work within a company. This might sound a little unnecessary for some industries but there are many times when it will come in handy. For instance, a lawyer might want to research past cases within their law firm. It’s much easier to do this on a computer than sort through years of paper files. 

10. Using a Service Makes Quick Work of the Job

Finally, there’s the question of why a company might want to use a document scanning service rather than doing the job manually. 

First of all, a document scanning service uses a premade and straightforward system. In other words, there’s less likely to be mistakes in the process. This makes sure you don’t run into problems down the road after all the files are scanned in. 

Using a professional service also makes short work of the job. It’ll be done much faster when a professional is hired rather than a company trying to figure it out on its own. In business, the mantra “time is money” rings true. So, it’s always beneficial to choose a talented, quick service.

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