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The Top 5 Things You Can Do When You Visit Florida


Florida is one of the most populous states in the US, with approximately 21 million people living there. Florida has some of the largest zoos in the US, exciting theme parks, aquariums, and family-oriented attractions when compared to those found in other states. Considering the population in Florida and the number of visitors that it gets annually, it is not surprising that there is an awesome list of things to do in Tampa.  

A visit to Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is the second-largest park in the US, covering an area of 20, 202 sq km. If you love nature and are visiting Florida, you shouldn’t miss out on going to this park whose ecosystem is said to be the only one like it in the world. 

The river that flows through this park gets its water from Lake Okeechobee. Some of the wildlife in this area include otters, crocodiles, panthers, and turtles. The wildlife spotting boat trips are quite popular with locals and visitors alike.

A trip to Walt Disney World

Visiting Disney World is a dream come true for many children and those that are young at heart. If you are visiting Florida with your family, you’ll have plenty to do in Disney World. Some of the activities include the rides at the Magic Kingdom, water parks, or breakfast with the characters. Disney World also has plenty of restaurants and cafes if you’d prefer to relax and have a drink as your family has a fun-filled day.

Visit the Kennedy Space Centre 

The Kennedy Space Centre is one of the places that you must visit when in Florida. Keep in mind that it is an hour’s drive from Orlando. At this centre, you will meet an astronaut, see several exciting exhibitions, and get to see space shuttles at close range. If you would like to relax, the iMax Theatre shows two 3D movies daily. The Astronaut Hall of Fame offers educational materials for you and your entire family.

Go to Tampa Bay Downs

If you are interested in horse-racing, visit Tampa Bay Town especially if you’ll be spending some time in Florida’s west coast. People betting for the first time are also welcome in this facility. You will have a great time interacting with other horse lovers. If you are lucky, you will leave with more money than you had when you arrived.

Water Sports

The Atlantic Ocean borders Florida to the east, with a coastline that stretches approximately 1,350 miles. Florida also has 4,510 islands and is the only state that borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The view from any of the numerous beaches is incredible. 

Visiting the beach should be on your itinerary when you visit Florida. Some of the popular spots include beaches in Key West, Clearwater Beach which is close to Tampa, and Palm Beach. Snorkelling, surfing, paddleboarding, and  sailing are some of the activities you should look forward to when you visit some of these beaches. 

As you plan your journey to Florida, it is best to organize your activities in advance, especially those that will need tickets, like a visit to Walt Disney World. If you intend to visit a particular beach, find out how far it is from where you’ll be staying. Adequate planning will help you do as much as possible in the time you will be in Florida.

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