Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Sink For 2020

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Home decor is one of the biggest considerations for homeowners because it helps you customize your home and make your space more intimate. If you are thinking of revamping your kitchen or if you are building your house, then there are a couple of kitchen sink designs you can choose from. There are tons of modern kitchen sink designs in the market made to suit different types of kitchens. That said, below are some of the top kitchen sink trends for 2020 you can consider.

Trough Sinks

kitchen sink

Just as the name suggests, trough sinks are built like troughs used in farms, ie where animals drink water from. These types of sinks are longer and deeper than an average sink, with a single basin. They also have more than one faucet, and while they used to be wooden, now they are available in other materials. You can now find metal, concrete, stone, and porcelain trough sinks that could be either modern or traditional. 

Copper Sinks

If your kitchen has an elegant kind of design, then copper sinks should be your go-to. Also, if you want your space to be warmer and welcoming, then a copper sink will do the trick. One of the biggest advantages of copper kitchen sinks is that they are handmade, so you are likely to get any design you want. 

Fireclay Sinks

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If your kitchen is high traffic, then you should consider getting a fireclay sink. It is made of heavy material and enough thickness that helps avoid wear and tear. So they are the best if you want something stylish and durable because you won’t have to worry about chips, dings, and dents at any point. Cleaning these sinks is also easy thanks to their scratch and stain-resistant surface that is non-porous. This is a sink that would last a lifetime, but only if maintained well. On the downside, if the farmhouse rectangular design is not your taste, then you might have to look for an alternative because that is the only available design for fireclay sinks.

Farmhouse Sinks

Although they are traditional with a rustic feel, farmhouse sinks are super functional, especially if you often use large pots for cooking. They are also great for holding a lot of water, even when you have a pile of undone dishes. If you want a substitute, there are also cast iron, fireclay, and copper designs to choose from. 

Black Sinks

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Black is classy. And while black is the last color you would expect for a sink, there are beautiful designs for black sinks you can use to spruce up your kitchen space. A black sink is the perfect statement piece to your kitchen, and they are a great choice if you want an option that will maintain its appearance for a long time with little to no maintenance. What’s more, they are long-lasting since black is harder to stain when compared to other material types, so whether you have messy kids or your kitchen is a high-traffic one, they are just perfect. Since they contrast with the rest of your kitchen decor, they draw attention. 

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