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The Latest Smart Watch Just Got Smarter: A Review of the Apple Watch Series 4


Ever since its release on April 24, 2015, Apple continues to dazzle with its smartwatch. As an addition to their impressive lineup of computers and electronics like the iPad and the Macintosh, the Apple Watch begins to create trends of its own.

Their success is why so many other brands like Samsung developed their own smartwatches and fitness bands.

But for each iteration, it makes you wonder if the Apple Watch Series 4 provides something new to the scene. Does the newest model stand out from the growing competition?

To help you decide whether you should try it out, read on to see what other factors the smartwatch offers:

1. Thinner Design

With the new Apple Watch Series 4 units, you’ll notice several improvements with its design. This thinner design feature larger, 40mm and 44mm displays. This allows for easier visibility but this time, it also comes with a slicker look and the unit is a tad bit lighter than the earlier models.

The new design also comes with better customization freedom. You can even match this with these stylish Apple watch bands, which could prove a good match for these emerging artists.

2. Faster Response Time

The latest iWatch also excels with its faster response time. Series 4 provides smoother transitions between functions on the smartwatch. As long as it doesn’t require an online ping, the Apple Watch 4 works wonders.

This is great for people who rely on their devices for multiple apps, like business apps or family tracking apps. These are demanding operations and a faster response time ensures smoother use.

3. Improved Battery Duration

Another welcome upgrade to note is its battery duration. When using the GPS function, the battery now runs up to 6 hours. This is not a great increase when compared to older units but it’s a welcome upgrade nonetheless.

4. Improved Monitoring

Among these new features included in the new Apple Watch include Fall Detection and an EKG. These features work together in tracking your health like your heart rate. If you happen to be in the business of tracking yourself for wellness reasons, these can help you well.

In addition, the Fall Detection feature would alert your relatives in case you fall down. This function is a necessity for the elderly.

It also has other apps and sensors that can help you in tracking your progress with your workouts. You can use it to count calories or keep track of blood sugar intake. It makes this new Apple Watch the best companion for fitness training.

Apple Watch Series 4 Downsides

It does come with its own set of downsides, however. For one, it has a price tag that could prove to be a luxury to some. Battery life is also another issue when using intensive functions like GPS or health trackers during exercise.

Otherwise, the Apple Watch Series 4 sits well as a welcome upgrade as the latest iWatch.

Get the Best Smartwatch Today!

With its continuous innovations and improvements, Apple continues to dazzle with its products like the Apple Watch Series 4. It lives up to the quality that matches the price it offers. Get one today and experience these innovations for yourself.

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