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The Best Gacha-style Games for Mobile Devices

The Best Gacha-style Games for Mobile Devices

Gacha games is an incredibly popular type of mobile games in Asia that takes its nake after gacha capsule-toy wending machines. The genre was first seen in Japan in 2010, but today almost every top-grossing Asian game involves gacha mechanics. These games are conquering western Google Play and App Store too, so Freepps.top made a selection of the most attractive titles. 

Gacha Life

This title by Lumine Team opens up the list because it combines pretty much every trait of the genre in a colorful casual wrapper. In Gacha Life, you can test your luck in the addictive emulation of the real gacha machine and win hundreds of free clothing items and accessories for your character. Next, you can try on everything you win or purchase something else in the in-game store. The character editor lets you transform every little detail of the appearance to make it unique and recognizable in the Life mode. That’s where the real fun lives. Here you’re free to visit numerous locations, meet new people, and express yourself in different ways. 

Final Fantasy – Brave Exvius

Yes, even such a legendary franchise has a free-to-play gacha spin-off for iOS and Android. It’s the first game created by Square Enix in collaboration with Alim, and it managed to become a massive hit with around 45 million downloads worldwide. This title collides classic for the series RPG mechanics with gacha, and the surprisingly fresh-looking pixel art visuals. Gacha mechanics include the summoning of creatures from the past FF chapters and the Brave Frontier universe. Brave Exvius is also famous for collaborations with Tomb Raider, Secret of Mana, Kingdon Hearts, and even pop-stars like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. 

Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a successful Chinese take in the world of gacha. The action takes place in a parallel universe during World War II. For some reason, it’s inhabited only with female characters and moe characters, and, of course, you can are free to edit their appearance and influence relationships. The main game play line involves original shoot-em-up made with outstanding deliberation. 

Fate/Grand Order

This Fate/Stay Night spin-off has grown to the scale of top battle royale games, such as Fortnite and PUBG. Actually, it’s one of the highest-grossing free-to-play games ever made. It’s 2019 revenue has already surpassed $3 billion. The plot revolves around the mighty protagonist, who has magical skills to summon the so-called Servants to be competitive enough in battles. Each Servant is a detailed personality with a separate storyline for you to explore. 

Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

If you enjoy socializing as much as we do at Freepps.top, then this Animal Crossing-based social simulation will please you. In this peaceful world, you can explore the camp, take part in various missions, trade in-game objects, and communicate with other players. Your taste and empathy are important here as you should gain experience by establishing relationships with NPCs and players. 


As you can see, gacha-style games can are diverse, so you can always find something that matches your taste. This immersive genre is impressive in the way it creates entire online universes with millions of players and makes them feel natural. It’s an opportunity to live a second life virtually and hide there for a while to find some inspiration and go on.

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