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The Benefits of VPS Hosting

The Benefits of VPS Hosting

The bottom line is a major factor in every business, but it looms particularly large for small businesses just starting out in the digital realm.

The benefit of every purchase for a business must be balanced against the weight of its cost. Whether a company has investors or is being paid for out of pocket, every dollar can still be stretched only so far.

Picking a proper option for hosting your website is an area where cost and performance intersect, often with ugly results. Overpaying for space that you don’t need now and might never need makes you feel like the sucker holding the bill of sale for the ghost town you were swindled into buying. 

Conversely, going for the lowest-cost shared hosting option might be light on your bank account.  However, when visitors get an error message because your site is out of bandwidth for the month, that’s a business killer.

Closer to the happy medium, there reside virtual private servers (VPS), which are gaining momentum as an in-between solution for small businesses that are angling to combine cost-effectiveness with scalability as they take their first few steps.

How Does a VPS Work?

A VPS works very similarly to how cloud technology functions. A web hosting company uses virtualization software to turn a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS functions like a true networked server. It does not compete with other VPSs for bandwidth, storage space, or any other resource. The business paying for each VPS has control over most of its functions and capabilities.

What are the Benefits of Using a VPS?


Most businesses that have used shared hosting have at least one horror story. For some, it’s not having enough resources to support its customers because another server is monopolizing them. For others, it’s getting infected with a virus or malware because shared hosting companies often scrimp on security in order to offer a lower price. By paying a little more for a VPS and utilizing its virtualization technology, businesses can expect less drama from their host.


A VPS allows your business to control most of the parameters of how it operates. This includes choosing the operating system and any related software. When you don’t have to switch to another OS or integrate software you’re unfamiliar with, you aren’t wasting time or money adapting.


When you know exactly how much of each resource you have available, you can build your website to maximize faster loading times and better overall performance. 

Server Monitoring

This is not a guarantee for every VPS service. Most of the better-reviewed ones, like Greengeeks, will have it standard. This monitoring not only lets you maintain the server’s physical security but it also defends against the inside-the-machine problems such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, malware, and hackers trying to break into your server.

Root Access

If you use shared hosting, there is no root access. Whatever the server owner says is what goes. In VPS, root access privileges allow you the ability to do everything from configuring the server to your specific wants and needs to installing whatever software you want to incorporate.

Managed Data Backup

A good VPS plan, such as the one at, will have storage and a way to back up your data. Manual backups allow you to save your site at key times so that you can have full access to your data in the event of something going wrong. This is particularly appealing in the age of ransomware, where businesses can lose everything if they are not adequately protected.


Probably the most appealing function of all for VPS hosting is your ability to expand or contract your services and the prices that go with them. If you own a company that does big business during a certain time of year, you can purchase more bandwidth and processing power during that time to ensure you can handle the influx of customers. When the busy season ends, you can roll the resources (and the cost) back to your original settings.


VPS hosting popularity is on the rise in the US and around the world. The combination of affordable rates with features that lean towards dedicated hosting can provide the best of both worlds for small business owners looking to get online.

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