Sunday, August 7, 2022

Tech Trends That Are Transforming the Global Automotive Industry

tech trends

Over a million plug-in vehicles roam the United States today, according to In fact, there are over  20,290 public vehicle chargers in California, which outnumber the total EV charging stations in six states combined. This is not surprising given that many consumers are looking for alternative solutions to diesel-powered vehicles. 

And with car manufacturing companies embracing automation these past few years, we are bound to see more car technology being introduced every year. Check out the latest tech trends that are transforming the global automotive industry.

Solar Powered Vehicles 

tech trends

The concept of integrating solar panels on the roof of a vehicle is not new, but its technological impact is minimal. Nowadays, you can ride vehicles that get some extra juice from the sun, such as the Karma Revero and Toyota Prius. You can find out more about these vehicles by checking out reviews on their reliability, quality, and driver experience from reputable sources. However, things will likely change as manufacturing companies are developing sunlight-capturing tech that is not only efficient but cost-effective too. 

Monitoring Drivers With Biometrics 

tech trends

Avatar-inspired vehicles will take some time before it becomes road-worthy, but some of its key tech may debut soon like biometrics. Biometrics will help vehicles monitor drivers and passengers long before full automation becomes a reality. This tech will help drivers stay focused on the road, enhance safety mechanisms in the vehicle when a car crash occurs, and even customize infotainment too. 

Affordable Lidar 

tech trends

Laser radar is said to be the key to our self-driving future, according to Elon Musk. But the cost of this technology is too high at the moment. Laser radar works together with other sensors such as long-range radars and cameras to help cars and trucks to “see” more in the long run. The goal here is to bring down the cost of Lidar down to make it more affordable for all car companies to use on their vehicles. 

Car tech trends are always something to look forward to. These technological advances help make our lives more comfortable and convenient while we are on the road. From customizing our infotainment to equipping our vehicles with affordable lidar, automating our vehicles is closer than we think. 

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